Double grading - any thoughts

Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by ShinKick, Mar 1, 2006.

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  1. seyah

    seyah Valued Member

    Now Now Norm : :love: :love: :love: :love: How you doing by the way? and how's training going?
  2. kickboxingidiot

    kickboxingidiot Valued Member

    you say PKA aint got nothing to do with me?

    no it hasnt thank GOD for that

    you obviously have a problem with me saying what i say about the PKA dont you JCH?
    You can bring it all up with the same tone of voice you use at jags next show or even at dean sudens next show if you like?
    dont you think its better to discuss things face to face?

    i still stand by what i said in saying the PKA is corrupt

    "yeah go on give us another £20 and youll have your next belt ,.. doesnt matter if you havent sparred yet as long as you learn that next sequence"
  3. Bye bye, then.

    How can you tell my tone of voice? we're on an internet forum ;)
  4. kickboxingidiot

    kickboxingidiot Valued Member

    RE: Originally Posted by kickboxingidiot
    you say PKA aint got nothing to do with me?

    no it hasnt thank GOD for that

    Jabcross hook : "Bye bye, then."

    aha! i see you are now tryin to fob me off
    coz you dont like it when i expose cheats for what they are. I wouldnt have a prob with the PKA if they were actually ivin quality and value for money but in my opinion they arent

    you want to let me know your real tone of voice then walk up to me and tell me all this face to face at jags or deans show and tell me

    ill be happy to tell you the same
  5. Well you are getting rather annoying. You've annoyed everybody on AX, a lot of people on here, and I'm sure lots of others find you quite annoying :p

    Have you heard of Duane Reiid. He coaches under the PKA. I'm sure he'd be happy to be told he was a cheat :p You must be giving quality too, trying to match up ADULTS to fight CHILDREN ;)

    Oh dear. If you think I am travelling any distance to argue over the grading system of a particular association, you are badly mistaken. Last time you PMd me you were trying to get me to go for a meal with you. Times have changed, aye?

    I think I understand your opinion quite well. Unfortunately, you don't understand mine?
  6. kickboxingidiot

    kickboxingidiot Valued Member

    you have a cheek to call me annoying?
    have you met me?
    well there you go then
    a short while ago you yourself were PMing me telling me how corrupt you thought the PKA were and how they were all about the £££
    how things have changed eh?

    Duane Reid is one of the FEW from the PKA who are decent, what a pity they give belts away , sorry SELL belts :p

    what kind of grading syllabus let you go all the way to the belt before brown without ever sparred?

    ANSWER: a commercialised/ Mcdojosied syllabus

    as for matching adults to fight kids
    the "kid" concerned is almost 16 and it will be VERY difficult to fidn another kid the same age same ability , all that would happen is that this "kid" would just knock out any other kid his own age that is a fact which is why its betetr that to keep busy he be given DEMO bouts against adults, i never said about a full blooded full contact bout with an adult.

    The late paul blakely of the BKO used to let bouts like that happen on his shows,
    the same happened on a WKA show sanctioend by Steve Humphreys
    a WKA international show that is.

    As for annoying people on AX, im pretty sure that if you expressed your Mcdojoish views on AX you would soon be laughed off AX :p

    I offered YOU the same fight with the same kid and it still stands
  7. Narrue

    Narrue Valued Member

    You’ve been there since Jun 05, done no sparing and already a green belt!!!!

    So others in your school started at the same time and are even a higher belt then you just because they paid more money, at this rate you will be a black belt shortly. Its ok if that’s what you really want but the chances are if you were put in a competition with another black belt from another school, you would get your ass kicked big time!

    I would say forget about it, find another school!
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2006
  8. Yes. I have two cheeks. On the serious side, you are rather annoying, as your falling out patterns suggest ;)

    To use your little expression "no, thank god!"

    Why doesn't he leave and find some organisation which is good? Shall I recommend AFK to him?

    Lets think what a black belt actually signifies. This is such a grey area, which is why I don't agree with belts in kickboxing. Anyway...

    A black belt is supposed to signify mastery of the basics. Now the basics of kickboxing are punching, kicking, blocking and THEN sparring. Fact of the matter is, go to any of the "sport martial arts" competitions and a lot of the winners aren't necessarily the high grades. One of our purple belts got 2nd place at the CIMAC superleague. Not bad considering we "don't allow sparring until brown belt" eh?

    I'm sure the late Paul Blakeley asked the competitors first, before issuing open challenges on an internet forum ;)

    Well, it couldn't be much worse than your record with AX ;)

    I'm not charging around the country to have a single exhibition match with a 15 year old and no result.
  9. kickboxingidiot

    kickboxingidiot Valued Member

    RE: an exhibition fight with the "15 year old" he soon turns 15 and is your weight roughly.
    Even with a result im confident that he will probably knock you out anyway
    tell you what lets get it on Mr "internet king"

    A quick question to you JCH: do you have a girlfriend at all ? :D


    you do spend a lot of tiem on here till the early hours :p
    myself im nocturnal anyway as i work evenings more than days.

    RE: the AX, well you wouldnt have the guts to stand up to the AX internet kings the same way as i do do you actually HAVE an account on the AX? do you have the guts to challenege their views?

    Narrue said " forget it find another school"

    WELL SAID!!!
  10. ShinKick

    ShinKick New Member

    Been on hols

    Well lots of replies - I actually agree with lots of statements from both sides of the story.
    Belts I do think are useful when issued in accordance the club statement but as I mentioned this does not seem to fit with reality. The person I was talking about who has double graded is not any better - I and others have trained with him and he has problems with techniques and remembering the earlist grading sequences! The lad I usually train with asked me if I wanted to double grade - I refused.


    Several students have asked about sparring. The instructor got lots of us to buy headgards. We used them a couple of times a while back and not since.
    I have stuck with the club so far as it is a fairly new club and thought that the instructor was just waiting for a enough students to gain experience before starting sparring.
    I have been looking around for another club but unfortunately I dont live near many clubs - There is a tang soo doo club but I dont know much about this and they seem to have 3 times the amount of belts that kickboxing does!
    There is a possibility of a thai boxing but I need to check it out.

    Its a shame because I do think the Pad work etc he gets us to do is quite good and I like kickboxing in general.
  11. Yes. Now my question. How many aliases do you have on your guestbook? It seems like an awful lot ;)

    What happens now? Am I supposed to pretend that made sense?

    And of course your guestbook keeps you rather occupied :p

    I thought you got thrown off :p
  12. seyah

    seyah Valued Member

    Looks like you've made up your mind! hope it all works out.
  13. kickboxingidiot

    kickboxingidiot Valued Member

    good thinking mate a change of club is in order
    get out of the mcdojoish mess

    JCH: please elaborate how many aliases i have on my guestbook? who are they?
    doesnt youre GF keep you busy enuff?

    Try not to cry too much behind your keyboard
  14. The whole guestbook is a shambles! There's one guy (JD) with about 800 names, and clearly someone on your side with an equal number. If they aren't all you, then I am severely worried by the number of idiots on there. Have you checked it recently? It's full of challenges (like you've tried to turn MAP into). It's a discussion forum - not a match-making site.

    What? at 00:16 with college tomorrow morning? No, actually.

    I've succeeded so far. It seems like you're the one who needs to learn that skill :p
  15. kickboxingidiot

    kickboxingidiot Valued Member

    JD is probably a pal of yours anyway ;)

    The ppl on my side are "the old one" and he is the oen who teaches Ju jitsu at the club
    Barry cole is a genuine karate and kickboxin instructor and taught KB at the university kb club for a number of years

    Razor adam is a kickboxing first grade who enjoys his training and trains hard

    who are the idiots then?

    looks like you still cant stop crying on the net :p
  16. kickboxingidiot

    kickboxingidiot Valued Member

    personally i dotn see what your problem is

    on AX theres MT Nazi

    all im doing is being a "KB equivalent" of one of the same

    noone bats an eyelid at the MT nazis so whats your issue?

    my views have always been like this:

    1. gradings? YES as logn as theyre not given away and hence put decent people off gradings and to do away with this image of "gradings are a £££ scam"
    2. Light continuous = YES but only as a precursor to FC or for the "sunday leagvbue element" i.e. dont overdress it too much, for the universities YES the uni clubs really push it

    3. Semi points and forms = NO!!!
    Seaprate the disiplines totally!
    I.E point sparring should NOT be associated with KB but marketeed as a seaprate discipline

    4. Amateur FC = sure thing why not!
    have an amatuer circuit THEN progress to the pros like boxing

    5. Low kick = GREAT idea!!!
    Keep it rolling!

    6. Muay thai?
    YES thaiboxing techniques should be included within the KB syllabus

    7. Self defense = every instructor should teach soem self defense i..e last 10 minutes of the class maybe?

    8. Kickboxing in the education system?
    Im an active propogator of KB in schools (primary and secondary) and int he universities in my town (both UNIS) and am actively involved in the Uni league

    Anything else???
  17. The problem is you and your attitude. You dive in two-footed wherever you go. You did the same on AX, do the same on your guestbook and now do it on here.

    What relevance does this have to anything?

    Of course they don't - because they are all MT Nazis :p

    Until the gradings become free, they are always going to be associated as part of a pay-and-grade system.

    That's been done in your other thread, but yes I agree! As it stands, nobody really gets paid very much for l-con which is why everybody in the game is so passionate about it. They do it for the love. That's how it should be.

    Who markets semi-contact as kickboxing? The two use totally different scoring systems and actual techniques. Most people know forms as XMA or something similar anyway. The only people I see marketing forms as kickboxing are WAKO.

    Of course

    Too similar to MT.

    They are in most :confused:

    Ditto last comment

    Good idea. I personally think boxing would be better, or judo, but yeah I'm all for that.

    Who asked for anything in the first place?
  18. blippy

    blippy New Member

    my kickboxing club is PKA if you dont want to grade you are not :woo: FORCED to and if you dont want spar you are not :woo: forced to they are OPTIONAL.As for grading/double grading you are told in advance when the gradings are (try saving) an i can only say from my experience at my club that if the instructor thinks you wont pass or you are struggling with one of the sequences you might not be able to grade/double grade an if my instructor was to tell me that i would respect what she as told me and work on it for the next time grading comes round.trainning hard pays off, put in you get out ,and grading for me is a sense of achievement for my efforts and a way of rewarding myself for training hard :D .p.s i double graded monday an passed my blue an purple belts.And as for PKA being mcdojoish tell that to MIKE HAIG.
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2006
  19. Gammacron

    Gammacron New Member

    I think being able to obtain a Purple or Blue belt without having to spar is absolutely ridiculous. Student's should only be allowed to double grade if they are good enough, not because they want to and the instructor needs the money! In the context of the values of what martial arts is supposed to represent, it's a disgrace. It's no wonder there are white belts who are able to beat the crap out of black belts in competition, I've seen it with my own eyes.

    I remember going to a sports centre to pick up a friend and members of a kickboxing class were making their way to their cars. They had their chests puffed out trying to have it large, doing their best to try and look hard. One of these punks got in my face and told me he was a kickboxer. I asked him which organisation he belonged to and his face dropped with what seemed like shame. He said "PKA" and other members of his club backed him up and said that although their system was "obsolete", they didn't give a ----. I laughed at them and walked inside the sports centre. (True Story)
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  20. blippy

    blippy New Member

    oh well you cant win them all there always be "belts in kickboxing! holy poo" an there will always be "an why not! "what you haven,t sparred yet!" "double grading tut" but i train regularly and always give 150% in each class (i do spar by the way)and as for the punks that got up in your face,i will apologise to you for their testosterone fuelled big heads i would never act in that way towards anyone.Thats it i just wanted to have my say about my beloved PKA KICKBOXING sorry if i got alittle passionate :love: i'm happy with it :D
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