Does boxing have a different hook to MT/MMA?

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by Maryreade1234, May 13, 2020.

  1. Grond

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    Say it with me "my left hook" and why can't we keep with that. I'm usually an annoyingly optimistic person, don't fail me now. This is the best social discussion I've had in weeks, please, and I don't even need to record my ugly face.

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  2. David Harrison

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    You're going to share air with someone who stands next to people forcefully exhaling in their direction for a living. In the city worst hit by the virus in the UK. And that is fine because the government has mismanaged its response to the pandemic.

    As excuses for irresponsible behaviour go, that's pretty weak.
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  3. David Harrison

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    The interviewer's reaction when that first hook hits the pad made me smile. :)
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  4. Grond

    Grond Valued Member

    Micky Ward's deadly body hooks are worth taking a look at, with respect to footwork definitely. I hope everyone like me watches this clip over and over to see just what happened. That was a pretty precise fight ender.

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  5. hewho

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    The following is a direct quote from Guidance for the public on the phased return of outdoor sport and recreation published on 13th May

    'Personal trainers and coaching
    One on one personal training or coaching is permitted if outside and remaining a minimum of 2 metres apart.'

    Personal training being how I make a chunk of my income, this obviously interests me. However like always my priorities have to be in order, with the safety of myself, my clients, and the people I live with.

    You CANNOT do padwork while maintaining 2 metres distance, and 2 metres is your minimum.

    If I choose to run sessions in a public space it will definitely have restrictions. People will have to bring their own equipment, or do bodyweight only. I'll run them at times of day where it's unlikely anyone else will be around, in areas where it's easy to maintain more than 2 metres distance, and I'll stick to one session per day.

    Please, please, don't meet people to do padwork. There's been some great advice on solo training recently on here. Spend the time focusing on fitness, or invest in a standing punch bag or ball if you have the space and money.
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    The more I read this person's threads the less inclined I am to respond or help with anything,
    I think it would be best if we all ignored them because they don't listen and they are really not being smart (mod edit)
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  7. Dead_pool

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    I wouldn't disagree at all with that.
  8. ned

    ned Valued Member

    Can't help but think of Ricky Hatton when there's talk of body hooks...

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  9. Unreal Combat

    Unreal Combat Valued Member

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  10. Unreal Combat

    Unreal Combat Valued Member

    Yeah can we focus on hooks not COVID please? It's a bit flippin depressing.
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  11. Dead_pool

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  12. David Harrison

    David Harrison MAPper without portfolio

    What really impresses me is how quickly his hand comes back, ready for the next punch. Great efficiency.

    That poor bag! :eek:
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  13. aaradia

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    Mod note: Icefield please express your opinion in a way that gets the point across, but is not a personal attack ok? Thanks.
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  14. Grond

    Grond Valued Member

    All I know is that I miss being left hooked. Hasn't happened in quite some time. Who else here has actually eaten a left hook? I can remember about six, the rest I don't remember ;).
  15. Morik

    Morik Well-Known Member Supporter MAP 2017 Gold Award

    Some really nice videos in this thread. Liam Harrison's hooks are insane. I know what I'm working on next time I do some bagwork!
  16. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    in sparring, I have one distinct memory of being sparked by one - it did wonders for my defense/guard.

    I enjoyed striking/sparring, but I never missed that part, never got KOd, but sparked enough times to not want to repeat that heavy sparring.
  17. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    Always loved Harrison's power style
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  18. User123

    User123 New Member

    There are other differences besides the hook. I think that in Muay Thai the default jab is thrown stiff, wheras in Western boxing it's taught with a shoulder snap and relaxation.

    There are some kickboxers like Lebanner who switches between boxing stance and Kickboxing stance if he's to deliver a power punch. Most KB tend to just stick with the kickboxing stance however, since few have Lebanners power in their hands. But since Lebanner does have innate power, he takes full advantage of it.
  19. User123

    User123 New Member

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  20. User123

    User123 New Member

    So in a nutshell: the trajectory of the punches are the same, but the method of delivery (including stance) is different between Boxing, KB, and MT.

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