Do you carry Weapons?

Discussion in 'Weapons' started by killbill, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. Moi

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    I don't think home protection is that high up on anyone's list yet otherwise we would all be owning shotguns. On the whole it's quite a peaceful, law abiding country that doesn't need arming. Some places are worse than others but most people within those communities are decent. I think there is more percieved crimminal activity than there is.
    People are scared of rowdy teenagers when perhaps they shouldn't be. My son goes out in head to toe black sportswear, baseball cap, scarf and hoody, dripping in bling.(he's 15:bang:) When he's with his mates it would look intimidating but they're all a nice bunch of kids really.
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    Of course not. This is the uk, we killed everything that annoyed us slightly centuries ago. All that's left is rats, the neighbours cat peeing on your flowers and escaped rare animal pets. Taking a .300 shell to shoot a slug or a rabbit is hardly worthwhile.

    The Bear.
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    Isn't it interesting what this forum provides in regards to view points? This is probably the MOST diversified forum that I am a member of so I get to see ALL these differenet views from different countries.

    Home protection is VERY high on my list and I own a shotgun because of it. Don't want to go shooting through the walls at home while trying to protect my family!!! I even try to convince my anti-gun friends to get a shotgun and keep it UNLOADED!! I tell them they don't even have to have ammo!!!! They could just hide in their room, call the cops, and if the criminal comes up to their door, the could rack the shotgun and scare the CRAP outta the guy!!!

    You're right about the way people see those teenagers though. When I was his age I was doing the same kind of thing (less the bling, not AS popular in the 90's) and people viewed us as bad kids. Not a single one of us was a criminal. Oh well. I hope I can remember that when my boys are that age!
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    Yeah I did a 25 year tour of duty in the slums of Glasgow from the early 70s I know exactly what you mean.

    The Bear.
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    I actually begged him to do SOMETHING to simulate the sound! SOMETHING is better then nothing! He told me 'what if they come in and shoot because they thought I had a gun' and I told him that if they were going to shoot you for that reason, they would've shot you anyways.

    I also showed him all the NON-LETHAL rounds that are available for the shotgun...I think that got him thinking about it.
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    for me it would be because if the guy decides to enter he'll see you holding an ipod nano in your hands rather than walking in and getting a 12 gauge pointed at him. and even if its unloaded if i remember correctly they are fairly weighty.
  8. koyo

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    THAT is one of the main problems. Some people react to the age group rather than the few that stand out.

    regards koyo
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    hmm its surprising how many looks you get if you go down the cinema with a few mates
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    Animal overpopulation in europe is limited to rats, mice and domestic animals.
    Property-damage, as there no longer exist any wildlife in europe, the only property-damage is limited to your neighbours dog ****ting on your doorstep.
    Crop-destruction is done only by rats and rat-hunting with guns can hardly be effective :)

    I think the closest thing you come to wildlife in England is the fox. There are deer there, but I think all of them are privately owned. I think that in weastern europe, there is maximum 200 wolves, some 1000 lynxes (only some 100 of the southern european subspecis, living in Spain) and some 500 bears.

    In Scandinavia (and -granted; some eastern european countries), there still exists some kind of wildlife
  11. Moi

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    Rabbits are the worst offenders for crop destruction in the Uk. That and the weather.
  12. OverInTwo

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    Lol no chance. In Australia it's illegal to carry a weapon. You're asking for trouble if you bring it. You would rarely get attacked... and if you were to get attacked the guy just wants your money.. just kick him in the groin and run.
  13. TheCount

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    This is sadly true. And with it has come stab proof hood tops and school blazers. Scary to think that these have already saved hundreds of lives.

    There is no necessity anywhere in Europe to carry a weapon of any sort. There is no justification for it. I have no idea where this paranoid association comes from but carrying a weapon is in fact much much more detrimental to your safety than not doing so.
  14. Moi

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  15. TheCount

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    It is sad that we should consider wearing stab proof clothing, but at the same time, sensible. I have thought about buying something, maybe a T-shirt, but struggled to find a source.

    In answer the the first question, what weapons do you carry? I only carry my hands and my mind!
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    If the USA was safe enough to not really NEED a weapon...I would not carry. In my opinion though, that will never happen.

    Someone once told me that if we outlawed private citizens owning guns that would fix the problem. I asked them what would get the illegal weapons out of the crimanls hands. They didn't have an answer.

    Unfortunatly you can't close Pandora's box.
  18. Moi

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  20. TheCount

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    What would get the weapons out of anyones hands? I suspect the shear volume of firearms is such the army would actually have to rake through peoples houses and confiscate things.

    Seems neither does the government lol.
    I haven't yet managed to find the newspaper article I read it in online... in honesty I can't remember what paper it was tehre are so many now.

    Here is a manufacturers website

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