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Discussion in 'Disabled Martial Artists' started by WhiteWizard, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. The Blade

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    HI Guys
    Have you checked out

    The guy who runs it is Dave Lee, not the stunt man dave lee,

    He's a nice guy, and he is trying to do the best he can with the association, give him a shout as he would be glad to hear from you

    The Blade
  2. disabledhero

    disabledhero jab jab elbow jab knee

    about my self
    i do not suffer from cerebal pausy I coop with it,I can not kick too high so I do sweeps low leg kicks and hand tech. and going to be a brown belt soon
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  3. disabledhero

    disabledhero jab jab elbow jab knee


    i guess i cant make diabled martial arts association thin i was but now there is no need
  4. baby kickboxer

    baby kickboxer New Member

    Well Hi There Im James 26 And Partially Sighted With Manic Depression I Have Been Doing Iaksa Kickboxing For Just Under One Month And I Have Found That The Only Problem I Have Is With Picking Up The Basics Lol I Did Karate For 3 Years Before And Found No Problems If Anything Since The Kickboxing Started I Feel Great And My Confidence Has Risen.

    We All Have Disabilities Of Some Form In Life So Just Refuse To Sit Back And Let What We Have Beat Us.

    You Get What You Put In.
  5. sosjq

    sosjq Valued Member


    My name is Roya i live in New York i am learning Wing Chun Kung Fu and I"m learning I Chuan - I suffer from 3 herniated disk in my lower back and neck plus I had my left shoulder an both knees operated on.
  6. wow-food

    wow-food New Member


    Name: Aiden Eades

    Style: Kickboxing

    about me

    I've done martial arts on and off throughout the years.

    I've got fairly bad eyesight (i can never drive... but somehow i can hit a target bullseye from about 30m away with a bow and arrow or a rifle... which is odd since i can barely see the target)

    My vision is VERY bad across long distance, and fairly bad close up. This has impared martial arts slightly because it offed my balance a bit. But there are some perks too.

    Where my vision isn't all that great i rely on instant reflex kind've i dont think when i spar, just react. I've also had the odd spat of miracle reflexes (turned around to see a fist flying towards my face and managd to block it without even realising it. Then when i actually realised i'd blocked i was so dumbfounded i got clocked round the face :p)
  7. blind fist

    blind fist New Member

    well this is actually my first ever post so as good a place as any to start

    my make is peter i am usually choose the profile name kung fu monkey but as i do not do monkey style i thought it might be a bit confusing, the monkey reference is to do with my love of climbing trees.

    i am registered blind but still have about 15 percent of my vision left and i have studied lau gar for the past 6 years.

    i have noticed people asking others to describe any differculties they have had with training so here goes, i was pleasently surprised when i started my training in kung fu after a bad exerience when i was young with a not very understanding japanese karate teacher that nearly stopped me from ever trying again, in my kung fu however i was aloud to stand stand closest to the instructor and was helped by a friend of mine who started at the same time as me, i was also aloud to be shown things one on one as the lesson carried on after each section tomake sure i got it which i am gratefull for as well as the instructors takign some tiem after the lessons to go back through it agian with me. it took me six months just to be able to react well enough to intercept a punch and block it instead of just covering up and moving away but it meant i get very good at footwork and dodging lol. there were a few misshaps during the years where i asumed i was doing somethign right so didn't ask to see it again and learn a few thing wrong so had to re learnthem which was anoying.

    i have since read quite a few books and have a pretty good understanding of kung fu and differences between styles and how they function

    i am pretty rusty at the mo having not beento lessons for quite some months due to a very frustraiting groin injury but when i go back will take the opertunity i think to start other lessons in other styles and try and deepenmy understandign of kung fu as a hole

    not sure whet else to say if anyone want to chat i clicked on a box that said let others email you but have to admit to not knwing how this site really works, oh well lol

    by the way i am not a member of the british kung fu association but of club run by a studend of master yaus so do not have access to the same learning material but know of the existance of a syllabus book and have been looking for it for years now so if anyone can help that would be great


    Peter aka blind fist
  8. sosjq

    sosjq Valued Member

    Hi Blind Fist i just read your story it's real nice the system i'm learning has a sensitivity training called chi sao and it really works. their are a lot of styles i can't learn because of my disability but i have found that a soft style helps me alot
  9. sosjq

    sosjq Valued Member




    Wing Chun

    Bout me

    I have alot of bone injuries 2 many 2 list
    I have been doing Wing Chun for 20 yrs. on and off
    because of my injuries it has limited my mobility alot
    but i never stop training funning thing i train but can't wash dishing
  10. sosjq

    sosjq Valued Member





    Wing Chun

    Bout me

    I have alot of bone injuries 2 many 2 list
    I have been doing Wing Chun on and off for 20 yrs.
    because of my injuries it has limited my mobility alot
    and my training has dropped alot but i never stop training
    funning thing i train but can't wash dishing
  11. blind fist

    blind fist New Member

    i i thinki know what you are talking about it is refered to as sticking hands and we do not do muck of it as our instructors prefere to concentrate on quick reactions and predicting the right time to strike instead of bridging but most of our blocks involve an element of it as well as our grabbing movements, i will be looking into other forms as i feel my sight it getting too bad to continue with this style solely
  12. M51AB

    M51AB New Member

    Greetings from Minneapolis,where it is now a balmy 1F/-17C :bang:

    My name is Tom and I have fool hemiplegia Cerebral Palsy effecting the right side of my body.

    I studied Tae Kwon Do on and off for a few years and eventually earned a blue belt-red stripe

    It's been almost 15 years since I've dawned a Karate uniform and in addition to gaining some weight, I've had another surgery to correct an inward moving right foot and as a result have occasional bouts with arthritis in cold/damp weather.

    With winter striking so soon this year, I'm beginning to experience cabin fever and would like to get back into the Martial Arts.
  13. Melanie

    Melanie Bend the rules somewhat.. Supporter

    Welcome to the forums - please help yourself to the couch on the left and milk is in the fridge. :D

    I know just how you feel about cabin fever - I hope to go back to it meself one day :(
  14. sosjq

    sosjq Valued Member

    Hi Blind Fist any type of training is good for you and if you want try any soft style of trainning but remember when u lose one of your senes the other get stronger
  15. sosjq

    sosjq Valued Member

    Hi M51AB i feel you on that my SIFU always said if you have it use it so u dont 4 get it training is wat we do 2 make things better for us b it forms or breathing or katas if help us deal with our disabilities and i no wat u mean about the cold me and my fam just left NY cuz my DR. said the cold will put me n the bed and it has so we moved 2 Georgia and it's not so bad on me just do wat u can 4 now and add on every week thats wat i do have a Blessed Holy days and a enjoyable New Year
  16. sosjq

    sosjq Valued Member

    Hi Melanie when you have time lets talk about MA
  17. sosjq

    sosjq Valued Member


    Wing Chun

    I live in the USA and have been doing wing chun for 20years on anf off becacuse on my injuries and now the cold is my worst enemy
  18. Kobela

    Kobela New Member

    Name; Tom Kobela
    Style? Not really - a System. Self Defense via 'The Self Defense Company' (Damian Ross).
    Impairment; adding to the list is an apparently permanently munged up left foot (chronic pain and some immobility) from getting it crushed against my motorcycle by a young man backing his car out of his driveway without looking. Same accident - bulged thorasic disc.
    Message? ANYONE can benefit from martial arts practice but those of us who are gimped out have to temper our workouts with an application of good sense. Contacting a target with my left foot would hurt like hell so I don't. Simple as that. I've made real progress with all the techniques I CAN do. I worked with quadriplegics many years ago and don't whine so much about my own infirmities. Everyone is limited by something. Don't let it stop you from doing what you love. Just use the brain and don't hurt yourself further.
  19. Bai Hu

    Bai Hu New Member

    name- Glen

    style- currently; Tang Soo Do, Tai Chi, some Hapkido
    past; Moo Duk Kwan, Bai Kai kung fu

    My spine is fused w/titanium support from L4-S1 and I have 2 ruptured cervical disks between C5-C7. Maybe one day I can get the insurance company to agree that my neck should be repaired. HA. I've also some chronic depression problems brought on by pain and the loss of many things I used to be able to do. Though I am overcoming the depression as I learn to accept what I can and cannot do physically. The pain comes and goes, depending on the weather and what the last workout was like.
    My balance is always improving, though the dizziness the the cervical issue causes can hit at any time.

    I see there are many folks here with challenges greater than mine. It is encouraging and inspiring knowing that this doesn't impede your desire to succeed in the martial arts.
  20. BentMonk

    BentMonk Valued Member


    Welcome. Staying positive is often easier said than done. Meditation and prayer work most of the time for me. When that doesn't work there's always rocking out to Metallica and beating on the heavy bag until I fall over. :hat:

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