CNS issues and athletic adaptation

Discussion in 'Disabled Martial Artists' started by NightWanderer, May 7, 2009.

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    this is for the docs, neurologists, therapists, or uncommonly smart laymen, heh. I have cerebral palsy, is there a chance that my CNS will simply fail to adapt to weight training at one point, preventing further progress, and am I more apt to put an unhealthy strain on my CNS during intense training vs. a 'normal' adult? Any other athletes here with neurological issues notice a delay in anabolic response or strength adaptation? I'm trying to gague whether or not stagnation in my athletic development is due to diet & training or whether it's something deeper, and also trying to formulate realistic goals, so I need to be aware of possible walls I might hit that there simply aren't any ways to get around or break through.
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    What type of training are you doing? What is your diet like?

    I have CP as well. Before I began MA training I did traditional weight training. I experienced muscle gain and fat loss consistent with my effort. The problem I had was that I got bored with the routines.

    When I started MA training, a big part of the physical conditioning was BWE. I achieved more significant fat loss and gains in functional strength.

    In 2003 I added kettlebells to my MA training. I experienced rapid, significant gains in strength, muscle mass, fat loss, and total body strength.

    I continue to train with them and I am still making progress. I have not experienced any CNS difficulties or limitations.

    If you will provide me more details about your CP, your training and your diet, I will be happy to provide any assistance I can. :hat:

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