Chronology of 90's Boxing Pound For Pound Race

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    I made this video partly as a tribute to the best boxers or the 1990's.

    Also because I'd like to put the pound for pound race in to context.

    There are a few revionist myth's that I seem to see crop up on the internet;

    1) Oscar De La Hoya wasn't a serious fighter and was just a celebrity/socialite boxer

    2) Pernell Whittaker was a very awkward and unconventional southpaw (he was awkward for his opponents to fight but for the most part his style was very simple, good jab, double jab straight let hand, simple effective head movement, great boxing efficiency and stamina).

    3) Roy Jones was undefeated in the 90's and by far the best fighter (he fought much weaker competition than the other fighter's in the pound for pound race and lost to Montell Griffin).

    The ring ranking's for the 90's go;

    1990 - Julio Cesar Chavez

    1991 - Julio Cesar Chavez

    1992 - Julio Cesar Chavez

    1993 - Pernell Whittaker

    1994 - Pernell Whittaker

    1995 - Pernell Whittaker

    1996 - Roy Jones

    1997 - Oscar De La Hoya

    1998 - Oscar De La Hoya

    1999 - Roy Jones
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