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Discussion in 'Other Styles' started by Dead_pool, Aug 30, 2009.

  1. sensiblebloke

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    You are pretty ill informed as ra tested after 19 years for 5th degree. Who tells you this fairy stories or do you just make them up as you go along ?

    I see - you are making lots of students but can`t afford to put a few decent photos on your site ( since 2008) - makes perfect sense (NOT).

    " Ive seen some pretty crappy instructors with HUGE student counts " you write . You mean like vince cassar who is charging £ 70 per month and puts people on a contract (so they don`t run away when they realize what bull choi kwang do is ) - and his students MUST test every 6 weeks (ready or not) ; but it`s ok as long as they pay the MONEY ! A true mc dojo in it`s ugliest form !

    I said before I don`t train with plonkers.

    Here comes up that name again ( in how many forums is he lurking as well I wonder ? ) . Vince cassar is the one who turned up drunk for his 3rd Dan test and gave out TKD magazines with ralph allison on the cover saying to his students `this guy trained with me `. He obviously must have respected his abilities but as he`s round the corner from ralph allison with another school now , he now comes up with all this turd.

    How desperate !

    So now we really see what this is all about : the school next door is afraid of the competition and dale miller is vince cassar`s side kick who`s making up all this nonsense.

    Ugly - but not very intelligent ! :cool:
  2. Aegis

    Aegis River Guardian Admin Supporter

    General warning to quit the personal attacks please. The rules are quite clear about them.
  3. Martial novice

    Martial novice Valued Member

    Ah yes, they do say the proof of the pudding is in the not tasting, not even looking at it, staying out of the kitchen entirely. Don't they?

    I'm with Killa on this, that any style suggesting learning Martial Arts without fighting is fundamentally flawed, but if that's your only response to the offer to pressure test the techniques that YOU have said categorically do not work, then I'd probably get off my high horse, have it made into glue or dog food and stop slagging off other forum members.
  4. amiller127

    amiller127 Chief Instructor

    Yes Aegis, I really am you. I made up your whole MAP account and youtube accounts and spent years building up this Aegis psudoname so that I can knock Ralph Allison, but hes too quick for me and my dastardly plan has been rumbled.

    Actually its not very hard to find my youtube account name for anyone with a modicum of intelligence. :bang:
  5. amiller127

    amiller127 Chief Instructor

    Ah, so your denying that Ralph Allison didnt test early for 4th and 5th Dan then. He spent the usual 9 years from 3rd to 5th Dan did he? Im not ill informed.

    Nothing to do with money. I havent gotten around to taking the pictures and putting them up on my web site yet. Pictures arent my top priority at the moment.

    Vince has a huge school and pays his instructors a decent full time wage so he has a lot of costs. His contracts are there to give him a bit of commitment from students. I dont use them personaly but I can see why Vince would.

    Funny thing though. Vince has in the past held back certain students of his from testing when they werent ready for their Dan testing or being made a Chief Instructor hasn't he Ralph? In fact Vince wasnt the ONLY instructor that refused to make Ralph a CI was he? And then Ralph went to HQ with a sob story about the poor mean people in the UK holding him back, when in truth he was not good enough at teaching to be an instructor, as witnessed by the students he produces AND his own techniques...:hat:

    Well thats not true as you are either RA or someone who trains with him and believes his rubbish :rolleyes:

    Vince doesnt use forums, he is too busy running his schools. But you know that Ralph. Vince obviously respected his abilities seeing as he refused to promote him to Chief Instructor and Ralph had to go to HQ with a sob story to get promoted didnt he?

    Never heard the story of Vince being drunk for his 3rd Dan though... Probably wanted to recreate the fantastic techniques of Ralph Allison and the only way to do that was to get paraletic :p

    And maybe you forgot, Vince opened his schools before Ralph did, then RALPH chose to open his classes right on Vinces doorstep. Got your reality warp back on again have we Ralph? :hat:
  6. sensiblebloke

    sensiblebloke New Member

    vince cassar of choi kwang do

    No, you have the reality warp , dale ! In years gone past , ralph allison and vince cassar were good budies who went out for meals etc. Ralph allison was a higher ranking belt than vince was and supported him when he had a small dojo .

    Then vince cassar got bigger ( ...and seing the £££ signs ) saw ralph allison as a threat ; especially when he saw how ralph allison appeared in numerous martial arts magazines.

    Vince cassar simply did not want a higher ranking practitioner around him anymore and did not want ralph allison to see how vince turned his choi kwang do school into a rip off mac dojo .

    Then vince cassar moved to a bigger place just a few blocks away from an established choi kwang do school . This can be easily verified if one contacts gerry durand , the choi kwang do school owner at that time. Choi kwang do Instructor Gerry durand complained about the ruthless business practice of vince cassar which fell on deaf ears with the choi kwang do organisation .

    But vince got more and more paranoid about ralph being a higher ranking belt so that he rubbished him whenever he could. Finally choi kwang do DID hold ralph allison back and he was invited to choi kwang do headquarters and despite vince cassar and his buddies ( including dale miller ) saying how terrible that ralph allison is , master choi clicked on the jealous plot and awarded him his 5th dan LATE . 5th degree can be achieved within 17 years - ralph allison got it after 19 years.

    Vince cassar tried to copy ralph allison by trying out his OWN knife defense video which got taken off the internet as it was SO BAD !!!

    In his rip off mac dojo choi kwang do school in morden , surrey it showed :

    His assistant instructor was slashing towards vince cassar with a rubber knife (very slowly as not to embarrass vince ) which was blocked ( hurray !) - then vince cassar took his other arm to wrap it UNDERNEATH the other guy`s arm to attempt a poorly performed judo throw.

    His other instructors in the room ( anyone can ask them ) saw it and you could literally see how their jaw dropped on the video clip that was on you tube.

    The only person in the room who did not see that the other guy had the perfect opportunity now to punch vince cassar`s light out was ... " master " vince cassar.

    Embarrassing rubbish THAT was !


    Yes , vince cassar IS very busy - but all his busy attempts to steal ralph allison`s students failed miserably. He probably stands behind dale`s back asking him to throw more dirt with the hope that some of it will stick.

    Every picture tells a story and dale`s photos on his website tell me that he is ( at best ) a mediocre instructor. Dale has " no time" to show photographic or video evidence that he or any of his students are any good. In my opinion dale`s just very self opinionated and full of hot air - nothing else.

    PS :

    There are several people in choi ( the original north london instructors ) who know the truth that ralph allison started in 1990 and vince casar started around 1994 / 95 . They are not keyboard warriors like dale miller and can`t be bothered with forums like this.

    And I am starting not to be bothered with this as well as I don`t want to end up a forum junkie like dale miller and his choi kwang do buddies.


    Ok off to work now - I simply can`t understand dale`s utter obsession with RA ! Maybe he fancies him - DALE BACK OFF - HE IS MARRIED ! :heart::heart::heart:
  7. $uperMan

    $uperMan New Member

    THAT is a very POOR argument!!!

    How can you judge a martial art instructors teaching style via pictures?!

    You can only judge someones Teaching style via live viewing or video (with the latter not being a true impression at times)

    I have seen the videos of the Chi Combat art and if the video I saw of Ralph Allison performing on CH5 news was his best..then im sorry it is shockingly bad for someone who states he is a master with all this martial arts experience.. I can accept that at the age of 51+ years of age the body does get stiffer etc, but that doesnt mean that it slows down flexibility in the arms so much that you punch like a goofball., it was wild punching imo - or looked like it.

    (Just to clarify, I have always been a silent viewer and reader of martial arts and bodybuilding forums, so that is why this is my first post here, but I am bored at work today and I just thought I would join in this)

    Someone earlier made an argument about CKD being poor at grappling etc, Well put it this way... perople who do judo will never be able to perform kicks as well as a Muay Thai fighter can they? - But what they can do is throw you about pretty good right?

    Back to the argument though.. Ralph Allison - It seems that he wants to distance himself from Choi Kwang Do for whatever reason however I fail to see how he can do this when if someone googled 'Ralph Allison Martial arts' half way down the page you get this link - http://www.dojos.com/suttonckd/index.htm

    Clearly in his CKD uniform with badge etc - In my opinion, and from what sensible bloke has said, it seems that RA has spent 19 years in CKD.. so if he was doing thsi fulltime, where did he find the time to cross train in multiple martial arts when he was running a school? - just a skeptical view of what was written, he might very well had the time, but if you are dedicated to an art for 19 years as it states I doubt the cross training to a high standard very much...

    I dont know where I am going with this, but like I said.. I'm bored at work and well.. yeah... cya! lol
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  8. Killa_Gorillas

    Killa_Gorillas Banned Banned

    Well I just looked at Ralph's You tube page and it's all total garbage.


    The school in Amiller's sig advertises on the basis of not having to fight or get hurt.

    Seems like both sides of the argument are filled with fail which makes the back and forth between them just seem like pointless, internal McDojo wars.

    I suggest Sensibleman and Amiller just meet up and fight under unified pro-mma rules and post the video of here for our entertainment. It'd be better than pages of pathetic bickering and would use less bandwidth.
  9. amiller127

    amiller127 Chief Instructor

    Yup, there was a time that Vince was a lower rank than Ralph. But as we have all seen, Ralph is technically very very poor, so im not surprised Vince surpassed him.

    Vince was a school owner before Ralph. I remember seeing Ralph as an Assistant Instructor for Vince's school, so how am I wrong in stating Vince opened his school up before Ralph did? Please let me know? Did Ralph learn time travel from one of his mysterious martial arts masters who he learned all these other arts from? Is that HOW he managed to go from only really doing Choi to becoming proficient in every art going?

    Also, if I WAS for instance to call Vince Cassar and ask him to hand over the copy of Ralph's membership forms where it states PREVIOUS MARTIAL ARTS EXPERIENCE, what would it read? :p

    Didnt see the video, Link please? By the way, thats ONE video compared to about 40 on the STREETS articles that Master Allison is now SO embarrassed about, because they have been rediculed on this site and other martial arts forums, that he has removed the links for them from his web site. I really have to find some of the copies, scan them to just show HOW POOR Master Allisons idea of self defence really was.

    You know where Vinces school is. He doesnt have to hide behind me. Pop in sometime and give him a piece of your mind. See how stupid you look then Ralph :)

    I havent had time to update my pictures, doesnt say that I wont do it. But feel free to pic on a picture and tell me whats wrong. Bearing in mind most of the pictures are of low ranking children under 7. Feel free to criticise them. I resisted criticising Ralphs children in the videos because I dont feel thats fair. But go ahead.

    I never argued that Ralph DIDNT start in 1990. But he did go through a few instructors who WOULDNT promote him to Chief Instructor because he was/is so bad. Its not just Vince who had a problem promoting him, although you would like to think that in your warped reality Ralph.

    PS, Im Married too but after one look at this picture im ready to dump my wife and try to woo Ralph

    http://www.blackbeltschoolsuk.com/instructor-gallery/enlarge/Master-Allison-Def-Position.jpg SOOOOO DREAMY :heart::heart::heart::heart: :whistle:

    You know what. I just had to really edit myself about the marriage thing too. Would be funny to put up what I know, but think it would get the thread closed down in a heartbeat :)
  10. HongKongPhooey2

    HongKongPhooey2 Valued Member

    Not So Sensible If You Ask Me...

    sensiblebloke: If I'm honest I didn't care who you were, however I now side with amiller127 that you are more likely than not, RA. Looking at your last few posts you seem to have far too much information which is pro-RA for it to be anyone else.

    Regardless, I think your last post was nothing short of disgusting. If that was not a personal attack on Vince Cassar I don't know what is. I wouldn't blame the admins if they choose to remove it. How very dare you publicly bash Vince Cassar when you know he doesn't come on this forum and therefore is in no position to defend himself.

    You may have a history with him, deal with it in person or on a medium where he can respond. You should have just left him out of this. What you did was nothing short of a cheap shot.

    Granted, I'm not denying that this thread was kicked off as a RA Bashing thread. I also agree that some of the comments have been very negative/hurtful/mean/nasty but if RA chooses to post up videos on a public domain such as YouTube then he is opening himself up for such criticism/feedback. :hammer:

    Finally, I agree with $uperman. Looking at pictures to judge the quality of a martial artist is questionable. Also, the size of a school is no measure of whether they are a good instructor. There are too many things to factor in such as whether the Instructor teaches fulltime/parttime, venue size, region and how long the school/club has been established.
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  11. $uperMan

    $uperMan New Member

    Maybe Not having to fight means no tournaments?! - just thinkout out the box here.... not gettin hurt? well I guess that would be taken in a way where its not MMA(UFC style) so you cant get hurt that way... but you can get hurt doing any physical activity even when you are running on the street.. so again maybe it means the non-comp fighting thing?!

    LOLL.. mate I dont think we need to see that fight.. im sure Amiller would whoop Sensibleman (i take it hes actually THE R.A) .. from what i saw on that CH5 video he wasnt punching, more like he was swatting at flys! lol
  12. Killa_Gorillas

    Killa_Gorillas Banned Banned

    Don't think so. If that's what it meant then thats what it should say. What it actually says is...

    ... If you are attempting to attract students by telling them they won't be put in under the physical and mental pressure of 'fighting', that training will not involve any physical danger (such as getting punched in the face, choked etc) then something is seriously wrong with you and your school. especially when you promise that students' will...

    You might be following through on your promise to make them feel confident and safe, but it's going to be a false sense of security if they're not actually put through the fire in training.

    I don't even know what this means to be honest :hat:

    Not need maybe.. but want certainly :p

    Yes, everything I've seen from RA's youtube channel speaks for itself, so no need to even bother highlighting it's flaws. Not much to go on with amillers channel other than some kata/pattern and some kick shield work which - while not especially breath taking - was at least better than the terrible dross on RA's site.

    Either way I guess we aren't going to be looking at a clash of the titans here :fight1:
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  13. Van Zandt

    Van Zandt Mr. High Kick

    Where do I get a refund on the minutes of my life I wasted reading this thread? :bang:
  14. Aegis

    Aegis River Guardian Admin Supporter

    Youtube just won't stop recommending these videos to me...

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTYAP5VYgus"]YouTube - Chi Combat System Defense Drills.wmv[/ame]

    Lots of flailing arms, lots of uncommitted attacks and lots of techniques done really badly by people wearing what appear to be black belts... I honestly don't know why they're bothering with the safety equipment: not a single attack came anywhere near close enough to cause harm.
  15. Dean Winchester

    Dean Winchester Valued Member

  16. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    We should do a syllabus suggestion for RA and chi combat.
    Lesson 1: As a good general rule, the foot that corresponds to the directon you wish to travel moves first. For example when moving backwards the back foot should move and then the front one follow.
    Lesson 2: You should attempt to never be caught with your legs together. Try not to step (walk) as your stance is very narrow as the legs pass each other.
  17. Hannibal

    Hannibal Cry HAVOC and let slip the Dogs of War!!! Supporter

    I have just puked in my mouth a little after viewing that.

    Simply horrible - bad techniques, bad responses, lousy timing, pathetic movement and BLACK BELTS????? These guys are SENIORS?

    I cannot fathom how you can train in this an not know it is garbage
  18. amiller127

    amiller127 Chief Instructor

    Maybe you should delete your youtube account as it obviously doesnt like you much :D
  19. spaced

    spaced Valued Member

    As far as I know Ralph Allison still teaches CKD on tues/thurs evenings at The Sutton Tennis Centre in Sutton, Surrey UK. How do I know? My Kungfu class trained next to to his class for many years.
  20. spaced

    spaced Valued Member

    ....the biggest point we have all missed? Where the hell is the Chi in all this so called martial arts training? I bet he and all of his student have zero idea what chi is and how it is generated......idiots. It's clubs and organisations like this that give MA a bad name. I used to stand outside his class, waiting to enter our class, and think "what the hell are they doing?!?". Lots of shouting and screaming and no actual MA

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