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Discussion in 'Other Styles' started by babie_tee, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. Camel_Kid

    Camel_Kid New Member

    ... Because he's a 10,000 year-old ninja spectre from hell looking to destroy Sub Zero for his insolence and involvement in his death?


    - Camel.
  2. DoshKel

    DoshKel New Member

    I don't have an offical name in my acadamy, but everyone there calls me "bones" heh. Its because i'm tall and really skinny, and have zilch muscle.

    I wish they would give me an offical name though... :cry:

    All in good fun though :).
  3. steeloavenger

    steeloavenger New Member

    mine is Dentista.. i got it by kicking out the teeth of another player in roda quebra gerebra
  4. micky-fox

    micky-fox Banned Banned

    They give you names in Capoeira? How interesting. I am starting lessons tommorrow, I wonder what my name will be. :p
  5. Alexander

    Alexander Possibly insane.

    I got mine a few days ago - Caladin Ho. It means 'quiet one'.

    Its quite an interesting name as my instructor's nickname means 'big mouth'!:D
  6. kitana

    kitana New Member

    i've done capoeira before, I actually have a name, I don't remember it because I got it when I got my first cord and they said it too fast, then they laughed. :D so yeah...and I forgot to ask, for them to repeat it because I then had to go into the hoda. :p And I just never asked again. oh well. ;)
  7. Tri

    Tri New Member

    On my first lesson, I was given the name "Spinning Gonzales"

    Apparently when I went to do flips, I didn't jump and merely spun in the air. Yea. confusing. :lol:
  8. Jon1983uk

    Jon1983uk Valued Member

    Sorry if this is slightly off-topic (I'm thinking of trying out Capoeira soon but can't at the moment) but I was intreged by this.

    Why do you get a Capoeira name? I'm guessing that it's basically a Brazilian name that undertakes some of your fight style characteristics?
  9. Martial_Mathers

    Martial_Mathers Capoeirista

    It's tradition, and it could reference a characteristic of your playing style, personality, looks, career, etc.
  10. fogo

    fogo Valued Member

    fogo comes from the first capoeira school that i trained in (roda de fogo) and i liked how it sounded so i took it, my mestre in angola sometimes calls me "jason faisca", and capoeira friends call me eddy gordo because they say i look like him :cool: , but i dont have a an assigned name yet
  11. Maxui

    Maxui New Member

    "Dejingo' - or little finger

    probably because I kept breaking my fingers :(
  12. fogo

    fogo Valued Member

    nigau: i think thats how its spelled and it means big black man, its weird cause im 5'10 coco brown and weigh 180 pounds, plus im mixed with native american, but when my instructer manganga saw me in the halls at school he yelled out nigau and im like did he just call me a n@#$ga! :mad: and he said it again and i was like oh ok :)
  13. dormindo

    dormindo Active Member Supporter

    That would be "negao" (neh-gown), fogo. So now my question for you is why "fogo" for this forum.

    Oh, and maxui, I think yours may be dedinho.


  14. fogo

    fogo Valued Member

    well dormindo fogo i think sounds cool for one and its a shout out to the first capoeira school i was in, but yeah thats it :D
  15. CapoeiraNewry

    CapoeiraNewry New Member

    i gt 1 las week pipoca=popcorn :) cuz of da way i sorta pop like or sorta jump into sum swipes an stuff :) :) :)
  16. Maxui

    Maxui New Member

    I have moved schools and as such have rescinded my nickname until my new instructor sees fit to give me one :)
  17. Bronze Statue

    Bronze Statue Valued Member

    The use of nicknames in Brazilian culture is not limited to capoeira nor to the illicit culture to which it once belonged; it is most likely a result of Brazil's history of illiteracy.

    An article here explains the use of Brazilian nicknames in a sport a bit more popular than capoeira.
  18. Maxui

    Maxui New Member

    as far as I understand it nicknames were used in instead of capoeirista's real names
    to confound the police during the "oppression"

    "Hey! We are looking for Paulo"
    "My name is Pingo not Paulo"

    if you get my drift
  19. WalkingThePath

    WalkingThePath www.gplus.to/jayboyle

    I got mine shortly before my 1st batizado: I am Amigo Dele!!
    Basically my instructor could never remember my name, and I started at the same time as one of my mates, so whenever I wasnt there or he was talking to my mate it was "Hey, where is .... erm.... amigo dele?" And he would take our names when we were paying at the end and he would put: Ste (who is now Miquinho) then 'Amigo Dele' cos he couldnt remember my name. And it kinda stuck.
    I think it's cool gettin nicknames in capoeira, it makes you feel like you're part of something. Though this did happen to me the other day:
    Picture the scene...............
    Ext. Street: Liverpool City Centre - A man is talking on his mobile:

    Man: "Parente? It's Amigo Dele, you rang me??" -pauses-
    "Unh Hunh, yeah, I could make it, is pirucao gonna be there?" -pauses-
    "Who else? Didinho?" -pauses-
    "Beriba?" -pauses-
    "Loquinho?" -pauses-
    "Yeah, I'll get miquinho to come too, even if I have to drag the bicho traira along myself" He laughs loudly.
    "Okay, I'll see you in a bit. Adios"

    His girlfriend looks at him in a very funny way.

    Girlfriend: "Don't any of your cult have real names???"

    She is also amused by my 'toy bow and arrow' (or berimabu, as you would know it!!!) :eek:
  20. feijao_cbla

    feijao_cbla Valued Member

    Yeah you are right, partially. Nicknames are used in many cultures for many reasons. I've had 7 in my life and only two of which are from capoeira. However this forumis about capoeira nicknames. But no one said that nicknames were only used in Capoeira. the use of nicknames in capoeira was to deceive the police and everyone else for that matter. In a world where you would have been killed, jailed, beaten, had your arms ripped off, or had your achiles (spelling may be incorrect) heal cut you want to make it as hard for people to find you as posible.

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