Canal Jousting is Alive and Well!

Discussion in 'Weapons' started by d33pthought, Apr 7, 2005.

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    I can't find a website or anything, but I can describe what canal jousting is, as told to me by defending national champion (and classmate) Seamus.

    Canal Jousting evolved from boat jousting, and involves, one canal, two floating docks, one telephone pole or long, narrow beam, and two people armed with padded quarterstaves and chest pads. The allowable targets are anywhere from the shoulders to the waist, with no thrusting allowed. First to knock his or her opponent into the water wins. There are three lines on the beam which can't be crossed: the midline, and the two lines about three feet off center to prevent retreating.

    I only found out about this because Seamus, dressed in a kilt, gave a speech about it last Tuesday in class.
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    I don't know anything about this form of jousting however I have just joined a proper jousting group and we use 14ft long lances on horseback...
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    Sounds really boring if you ask me. No thrusting allowed?

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