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Discussion in 'Judo' started by Captain_Coward, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. Captain_Coward

    Captain_Coward Ne-Waza Worm

    Dunno, if anyone else experiences it that often but busting toes and fingers, really drives me crazy. GOing over your toes or catching fingers is becoming a bit of a problem for me, does anyone have any tips on how to reduce this.
    I have seen ppl taping fingers together, but this doesn't really appeal to me, any other suggestions on how to protect my fingers or my toes.


  2. Ghost Frog

    Ghost Frog New Member

    I have taped toes together when I've broken them and it seems to help. I haven't done it to prevent injuries. It often seems to depend on the mat/floor you're working on. Don't know if you find this?
  3. Guerilla Fists

    Guerilla Fists New Member

    How do you injur them? I know I would injur my toes on knees because I would not properly perform a snap kick. Hence, I practiced the techique on my snap kick to keep it from swinging. Figure out how you bust them then we can figure out to alleviate that situation. :)
  4. Captain_Coward

    Captain_Coward Ne-Waza Worm

    The toes i did last night, just catching them under my foot when i am going backwards so they are bent underneath. the swelling seems to be across the main part of the foot tho. The fingers usually just get caught in jackets when throwing, or being throw, some times they get landed on i guess to.
    They are always pretty stiff and sore after practice.

  5. Guerilla Fists

    Guerilla Fists New Member

    stretch your toes i suppose.
  6. jonsku

    jonsku New Member

    well the tatami in your place may be socalled uberfriction tatami. The toes never slip on it, they just bend and get hurt. You may want to try to put tape on each toe so that they may slip instead of bending.not too much though - you don't want to walk on ice :D

    my fingers are always sore after randori training, but they hardly ever get badly bent. maybe you are using bad grips, eg. inside the sleeve etc.

  7. gojuman

    gojuman Valued Member

    Tape 'em.
  8. Ghost Frog

    Ghost Frog New Member

    Good point from Jonsku. I've always found that traditional canvas-covered tatami are better for avoiding toe damage, but no-one seems to use them any more.

    Don't know about you, but I've always found that my toes have got hurt through getting caught as I'm thrown, or through someone whacking my foot in a foot sweep.
  9. johndoch

    johndoch upurs

    I staved my toe last week. tape wont do anything for that:(

    I guess you just need to rest it while finger and toe injuries just like any other.
  10. Captain_Coward

    Captain_Coward Ne-Waza Worm

    yah, i think your right johndoch, the swelling is already going down, not as quick as i would have hoped but i can walk again without looking like i am a member of the ministy of funny walks(monty python fan's will understand).
    The mat we use at our dojo is covered with some kind of plastic not really sure which and it does get quite stick after a while, i will try taping them in future and see if it makes any difference.

    Cheers for the replies

  11. judojedi

    judojedi Officer of the Crown

    i broke my little toe last year. it got caught in a gap between two mats and my foot kept moving. snapped like a twig :cry:
    once the rarther aggressive doctor had finished pulling at it and moving it round, he said there's nothing you can do but tape it up!
    yea, thanks for the help doc, you just earned your 45,000 pa wage!

    nowadys i just tape up my little toes and sometimes my little finger aswell.
  12. Ghost Frog

    Ghost Frog New Member

    Since posting on this thread, I have bruised my right ring finger and burnt all the skin off the knuckle of my right thumb. I think Cpt Coward has psychic abilities.
  13. lwicks

    lwicks New Member

    Broke toes... Ouch!!

    I have broken all but two of my toes now, so I know your pain.
    The generally accepted treatment as discussed already is to strap your toes together, its about the only practical method.

    Once just before going overseas to compete I broke my big toe. As I was close to a tournament I managed to get a metal splint, which I strapped to my toe, which aided the healing process.

    The splint was about 1-1.5cm wide and had a small layer of foam on one side. It was bent to the shape of my toe and lower foot. (Going over the toe and under my sole.

    It helped alot, but probably would not help on smaller toes. For that matter the biggie is about the only one you really need.


    P.s. The toe broke again in my first match if memory serves, so it had not properly healed. :)
  14. judojedi

    judojedi Officer of the Crown

    going overseas to compete eh? you must be really good!
  15. Captain_Coward

    Captain_Coward Ne-Waza Worm


    Its my big toe that is done in, the swelling has almost totally disappeared but there is still a pain right acros my foot horizontally just behind my toes, think it might be time to get it properly checked out, is there not something like 26 bones in your foot, easy to break one.

  16. lwicks

    lwicks New Member

    not really that good, just lucky enough to have the opportunities to see how good I could be... which is all we can aspire to as Judoka!
  17. Kwajman

    Kwajman Penguin in paradise....

    Dang, broke my left "ring" toe Saturday at class. 6 down 4 more to go I guess...
  18. Ghost Frog

    Ghost Frog New Member

    Cheeky penguin. ;)

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