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  1. jaggernautico

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    This is a great series of outtakes from an upcoming DVD on lethwei, less promo and more like tiny movies. There is a series of six or seven of them. I like this one a lot. Well worth checking out. Enjoy!

  2. Ular Sawa

    Ular Sawa Valued Member

    Anything Vince does is quality and interesting. The only criticism I have is I wish he would put out material faster.
  3. jaggernautico

    jaggernautico Valued Member

    I agree, Ular Sawa. I think this one is going to really good and something unique
  4. Samsara

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    DVD Info.

    Thanks for the heads up. This looks really interesting. I put my name on the notify list to order.
  5. belltoller

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    Fascinating. The conditions the lethwei train in make the Kai muay seem holiday resorts for the posh, in comparison - at least the one's geared towards attracting the farang.

    I'm not familiar with Burmese Boxing - wonder, do they ever compete with Thai fighters?
  6. jaggernautico

    jaggernautico Valued Member

    Yes, they compete every year in Mae sot I believe in the north of thailand for the burma and thailand card,its on thai tv as i saw it when i was in thailand. Its during songkron holiday weekend. Might be able to pull it up on youtube or something, also i heard because vincent told me they did a big burma and thailand card in Burma when he was there shooting the last bits a few months back. So do a check for that too. If i get more info i will post it.

    Samsara; he will put you on the vanishing flame list which is a great underground newsletter of all his travels and projects. Its a great newsletter and you get updates and you can order the dvds first as a member and get a discount thats how i order them.
  7. daggers

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    While I think it's great that It is getting more coverage and getting better for them they are only following footsteps of Thailand but are years behind. Thai camps still train in basic camps, the difference is the experience of the Thais, the quality of teaching passed down from generation to generation.
    You won't find better training or any new better moves there and
    the novelty value of bare knuckles won't spread further than Cambodia
    I wish them well none the less :)
    And thanks for the post it's very interesting to see
  8. fire cobra

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    Two English lads fighting Burmese Boxing next month in Uk headbutts no gloves the lot,should be fun:)
  9. jaggernautico

    jaggernautico Valued Member

    fire cobra:That must be the big show in November. They post the fight clips afterwards because sky tv sometimes covers the shows. Look forward to that.
  10. Unreal Combat

    Unreal Combat Valued Member

    That show is Immortals Fight Night, on December 6th.


    My friend who fought for the WRSA World Title on Saturday night is being lined up to possibly fight Scott Hamilton for a title if I remember correctly. I was contacted regarding availability for a title fight on the same show also.
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  11. jaggernautico

    jaggernautico Valued Member

    Thanks, let us know the outcome and any links or clips. Would love to see that! I was thinking of the november show in Myanmar! So this is another one I didnt know about. In the one in Myanmar, they have several different fighters from different countries fighting against the burmese.
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  12. jaggernautico

    jaggernautico Valued Member

  13. jaggernautico

    jaggernautico Valued Member

    Found one recent fight from myanmar. Tun Tun vs Matthew(from canada?)

  14. Late for dinner

    Late for dinner Valued Member

    Yes, Ross did do pieces on Lethwei although it was more about the lack of a need for complex equipment to become strong or a good fighter. He lists a number of other versions of boxing at the end of the 2nd link that includes examples of Muay Thai, Ghanian boxing and others.

    I think that Slip the Jab posted in the past about the meets where Burmese Boxers and Muay Thai fighters met and I am sure he said that most serious thai fighters wouldn't get involved because of the lack of money/interest compared to what they usually did. The fights that do happen supposedly only involve lower level thai fighters.

    Thanks for the links anyways as it's good to see what's out there. It will be interesting to see what sort of standard there is here in the UK.

  15. jaggernautico

    jaggernautico Valued Member

    Yes, I think there is decades of yearly burma vs thailand shows and the lack of money on both sides kept out the top fighters from competiting as you say. The new docs i shared the outtakes from cover all that in the project from both sides which is very, very rare. Not just one sided from the thai side or the burmese side. Burma is just starting to come out more and compete more with fighters from other countries.

    Interested as well in any of the british bouts if they come online please post them!
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  16. jaggernautico

    jaggernautico Valued Member

    Just so many fights that happened, here are a few:

  17. jaggernautico

    jaggernautico Valued Member

    Some of my links went away so here is a fight with saw Gor mu doe who is an upcoming fighter from Yangon

  18. jaggernautico

    jaggernautico Valued Member

    The Facebook for the born warriors documentary went up a while back. It has a lot of good info for a Facebook page on lethwei. not fights but more short bits of info--

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  19. jaggernautico

    jaggernautico Valued Member

    Heard there will be another international fight on April 12th in myanmar with Cryus Washington from the US rematching Tun Tun. Cyrus knocked him out last time. I haven't seen a confirm but could be a good rematch.

    This from another international match, myanmar vs phillipines

  20. jaggernautico

    jaggernautico Valued Member

    Nice new outtakes one on camps from Born warriors redux


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