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    As I'm back on MAP, and have been back in proper training for a few months now, a training log seems a good way to try and hold myself to account and force myself to keep it up.

    Goals are fairly simple, and I've already passed the first of the three main ones, with the second coming up fast (next Saturday). The main goal is to complete a Spartan Trifecta by the end of the year, and I'm just hitting the midway point(5k down, 10k next Saturday, 20k in October, followed by a wine tasting half marathon to relax). Currently all seems to be on track.

    Regular weekly training consists of:
    Monday - Run 5k (currently replaced by swim 1k due to ridiculous heat)
    Tuesday - Light movement drills (6 5-minute sessions sporadically throughout day), 1 hour group boxing lesson
    Wednesday - Private boxing lesson with focus on endurance and recovery
    Thursday - Light movement drills (12 5-minute sessions sporadically throughout day)
    Friday - Run/swim
    Saturday - 90 minute boxing training session
    Sunday - Run/swim

    Alongside, just to keep awake on the rest days, there's a pull up bar in a doorway where every time I step through it's either one chin up (full pull ups are still beyond me) or ten press ups. Averages around 20-40 a day spread around pretty evenly.

    This week's going to be a light one since the Spartan's coming up, then a couple of day's recovery before stepping back into training and looking at pushing it on the run up to the last Spartan in October.

    Focus is on stamina, endurance, and recovery, with strength a fairly distant second (I know I have the strength for most of the obstacles, though need some upper body strength work for rope climbing/rings/monkey bars). After the last Spartan I'm aiming to look much more at speed, strength and technique.

    Normal diet is omnivorous, tendency towards meat/fish over veg, and fasting 16 hours a day (eating between 12pm and 8pm). No injuries, no longer smoke, drinking occasionally but aiming to cut out any beer/cider/wine drinking between the two races. Only medication is that for the next Spartan I'll be applying industrial strength suncream (learned my lesson) and occasional anti-histamines due to the other half's cat.

    I'm considering adding skipping into the run/swim mix as an option, but haven't tried it as yet as I haven't skipped for many, many, many years.
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    Training for this week.

    1k swim
    4k walk
    Chin up count: 22

    22 chin ups (throughout the day on and off, not in a single set)
    Boxing cancelled due to football-obsessed students
    4k walk
    Chin up count: 26

    Conditioning workout (set of 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 5, rotating through exercises, no breaks) press ups, overhead press, squat, kettle bell swings, bicep curls, sit ups
    1 minute battling ropes (alternating vertical)
    1 minute farmer's walk
    1 minute press up burpees
    5 sets of 5 overhead squat
    3 sets of 1 minute farmer's walk
    3 6-minute rounds pad work for cooldown
    Chin up count: 16
    First pull up! (total of 3 so far today)

    Thursday and Friday are going to be extreme rest days, light activity such as stretching and some movement drills only to prepare for Saturday. Sunday for recovery, then next week I'll be aiming to start training in earnest again.
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    Saturday was not easy. At all. Ended up taking four hours for an 8.5 mile 'run'. Obstacles were:
    • 4' walls
    • 6' walls
    • 8' walls
    • 6' inverse walls
    • Net a-frame
    • 6' wall and ladder a-frame
    • Atlas lift
    • Bucket carry
    • Sandbag carry
    • Over-under-through
    • Barbed wire crawl/roll
    • Balance beam
    • Fire jump
    • Slippery wall (failed - 30 burpee penalty)
    • Rope climb (failed - 30 burpee penalty)
    • Monkey bars (failed - 30 burpee penalty)
    • Overhead rings (failed - 30 burpee penalty)
    • Rope Wall traverse
    • Cinder block pull
    • Climbing wall
    • Spear throw
    • Dunk wall
    • Rolling mud
    Since then until today I've been resting. Back in training today and coach put me through the normal conditioning with reduced weight (thankfully, as I struggled), farmer's walk 30s with 10 shrugs (3 sets), 5 press ups with 20s planks (5 mins total), and some pad work. Next class is on Saturday, so hopefully I'll be more recovered by then
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