Breaking down the Berembolo

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    Finally I hit the Berembolo in Live training, to capture side control. I have been coming close, but losing connection in the scramble.

    I'd like to hear your thoughts on what works and what doesn't, what is important and why, no conversation on the matter would be valid without considering this:


    Now, my take:

    There are 2 distinct phases shown, but only one of them really is Berembolo. In phase 1 (when you have a standing opponent) all you are trying to do is break them down from standing to their hip, ideally if you can capture hook position here using De La Riva Hook (DLR) before they land then you are ahead for the scramble.

    However, although the most common form of takedown is the DLR/ combined with belt/or lapel grip and a kick of the other leg, it should not be the only way to take them down (I have had good success with holding the DLR and sweeping out the other ankle)

    Once down, (phase 2, the real Berembolo to me) I wonder about the importance of grips- I'd like some thoughts here. I see an ankle grip on the DLR side being important at phases of the roll, but not throughout - in my experience I think at the start of the roll it is needed, but midway through the impetus switches to the DLR hook alone, and towards the of the range of motion the second leg takes over the movement.

    Furthermore, the belt/lapel grip seems important to make the breakdown in phase 1, but I don't see its need in Phase 2, other than as a post to prevent a crash pass before you can engage the roll.


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