Born in the 80's, youth of the 90's

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  1. Sam

    Sam Absent-ish member

    If this doesn't make you smile I dunno what will. (I don't take credit for whats written or for how poorly its written!)

  2. Llamageddon

    Llamageddon MAP's weird cousin Supporter

    What about Gordon the gopher?!

    When CBBC was a bloke, a puppet and a broom cupboard, and was only on for 2 hours or something.

    The test card of the girl and the doll with the chalkboard.

    Getting up and watching Ceefax on BBC2 cos TV hadn't started yet.

    Crappy CGI didn't exist, and crappy crappy CRAPPY CGI remakes of kids classics certainly didn't exist! People had to use their imagination to make kids programmes...

    CAPTAIN PLANET. Feel sorry for the kid who was the heart.

    Oh, and for the record, I had a desperate dan lunchbox, and I think I had a turtles one, too

    Oh, oh, and it wasn't windows 95... It was MS-DOS followed by Windows 3.1! And BBC computers, and then Acorn computers. There's only certain people who TRULY understand the 'I've got a 3 and a half inch floppy' joke...

    More will come to me, I'm sure.
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  3. Sam

    Sam Absent-ish member

    In the summer when the ice Cream van would come around and you would panic so much whilst waiting for some money, then run REALLY fast because you thought you would miss buying your 99 with flake or a screwball? My mum never let me eat the chewing gum.

    It should probably be noted this is mostly UK orientated....
  4. Sam

    Sam Absent-ish member

  5. Llamageddon

    Llamageddon MAP's weird cousin Supporter

    Lucky bags and screwballs. That WAS summer.
  6. Sam

    Sam Absent-ish member

    What was that stupid program they made us use, with the triangle and you had to draw squares and stuff by mapping out routes?

    It reminded me of asteroids a bit but it was WAY less fun.
  7. Llamageddon

    Llamageddon MAP's weird cousin Supporter

    No idea.

    On the Acorns I used to think I was cool cos I knew how to use caps lock...

    Here's another one - Primary schools who seemed to use lino with shards of glass in as flooring... toilet paper that you could make musical instruments with, and cut your ass open on.

    (as I've just been reminded - TRAP DOOR!)

  8. Sam

    Sam Absent-ish member

    My Gran works at my old first school. I went there with her one weekend a few years back and I needed the loo. I only remembered where the kids girls one was so offs I trotted. God those toilets were small, it was a knees near ears situation.

    How about smearing PVA glue all over your hands, waiting for it to dry and peeling it off?
  9. Llamageddon

    Llamageddon MAP's weird cousin Supporter

    Of course. Not running with the yellow and green scissors if you're left handed...

    School discos, dancing to Whigfield...

    that schools programme with the pen that lit up and showed you how to write an 'a'...

    How the only instruments you were allowed to play in primary school were the maraccas or the recorder...
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  10. Yatezy

    Yatezy One bad mamba jamba

    2 things really made me smile.

    British Bulldog

    and Trap Door.

    Trap Door is so epic it deserves a Youtube link :D

    [ame=""]YouTube - The Trap Door Episode 1[/ame]
  11. Sam

    Sam Absent-ish member

    Sorry but Dungeons and Dragons, Heathcliff and Denver the last dinosaur all trump Trap Door. :p
  12. Llamageddon

    Llamageddon MAP's weird cousin Supporter

    Apart from Heathcliff, I'm with Yatezy on this one. Trap door rocks.

    By the way. Captain Bucky O'Hare was frickin awesome, but never, ever EVER watch it back. It will ruin it

    Four words:

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  13. 2E0WHN

    2E0WHN Homebrew for idiots

    you forgot Windows Legacy. It was before 3.1.

    Also the Amiga 600. Best machine going as it brought out the original Worms. Also Game Boy and Tetris. Sega Saturn and Sonic.

    Indie bands in the early 90's were so much fun. Also Spitting Image was still going but was on it's last legs. Desmonds and Brookside. James Whale and his late night shows. Hitman and Her.

    And what about Edd the duck? Where was his mention?

    GSHAMBROOKE Thats Tarm Sarm


    Is neighbours and home and away still on twice a day in the uk, i have never even seen a full episode.
  15. february

    february Valued Member

    Class. That never got old.
  16. Topher

    Topher allo!

    I always wanted to be on FUN HOUSE!

    Never was.


    [ame=""]YouTube - fun house intro[/ame]
  17. Topher

    Topher allo!

    Anyone remember Tots TV.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Tots Tv[/ame]
  18. Topher

    Topher allo!

    Man whenever I think back to 90s TV makes me feel sorry for todays kids. Kids TV today is totally lame.
  19. AZeitung

    AZeitung The power of Grayskull

    Yeah, we had Ninja Turtles, or what did you guys call them, Hero Turtles?

    I was just watching a bunch of old cartoons on Youtube yesterday, Mighty Max, Ninja Turtles, The Mask, The Real Ghostbusters--all great shows. I was also always a fan of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, even though I think it ended the year I was born. But then, there was The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, Captain N, Wish Kid, Dennis the Menace. . . I wonder how many of those you guys got in the UK.
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  20. Knight_Errant

    Knight_Errant Banned Banned

    Ninja turtles. The cartoon was titled hero turtles, but we mentally substituted the word 'ninja' as we knew we were being taken for a ride.

    Speaking of which, anyone remember thunder cats?

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