Best WMA movie duels?

Discussion in 'Western Martial Arts' started by Mitlov, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. lklawson

    lklawson Valued Member

    I must admit that the duel scene from the 1950 Cyrano de Bergerac, accompanied by poetry, is one of my all-time favorites.


    Peace favor your sword,
  2. Polar Bear

    Polar Bear Moved on

    I prefer the Gerard Depardieu version

    [ame=""]YouTube- Cyrano de Bergerac[/ame]
  3. ap Oweyn

    ap Oweyn Ret. Supporter

    If it makes you feel any better, I've seen Captain Kronos myself. Nerds unite.
  4. Polar Bear

    Polar Bear Moved on

    Quality movie but the sword work is dismal.

    The Bear.
  5. ap Oweyn

    ap Oweyn Ret. Supporter

    Yeah, I was disappointed with the choreography myself. But I do love the cheese.
  6. Mitlov

    Mitlov Shiny

    That scene is EPIC. I haven't seen it in years. Thanks for the reminder!
  7. butcher wing

    butcher wing Oi, Fatso!

    OK, forget Captain Cronos, how about Rob Roy?

    BTW I made a goof. it was Michel Carliez who did the sword work on Le Bossu (not Hobbs although they did work together on Cyrano De Bergerac).
  8. butcher wing

    butcher wing Oi, Fatso!

    Daniel Auteuil and Vincent Perez :)
  9. Mitlov

    Mitlov Shiny

    Ooh, that was a good one. Smallsword versus basket-hilt claymore, and it played out exactly how I thought it would (minus the ending that had more to do with guile than bladework).
  10. Polar Bear

    Polar Bear Moved on

    Rob Roy would have been good but neither fought in the style of the sword they used. Instead we get the same old rubbish stage fighting you always see. The Bob Anderson effect I call it.

    The Bear.
  11. Hatamoto

    Hatamoto Beardy Man Kenobi Supporter

    The Bergerac clips were both amazing but I have to say I prefer the original, much as I like Depardieu. Will be looking out for them both, though, I do love a good swashbuckler, not seen one for a long time. For some reason imdb's keyword search for swashbuckler only turns up about 20 films :/

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