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Discussion in 'Judo' started by judojedi, Sep 19, 2003.

  1. judojedi

    judojedi Officer of the Crown

    i've been trying to work out what foods should be making up my diet. i've bought some magazines which i thought would help me decide on what foods to include but all they did is talk about building muscle and the best thing for body builders. anyone know of a useful link or have advice?
    my current diet varies wildly, yesterday consisted of 1 bowl of honey nut cheerios, a piece of toast, 1 corn beef pasty, i bottle of orange juice, 1 choclate muffin, 1 toffee flapjack and a strawberry milkshake. not much nutritian there, but the day before i had my cheerios again, 5 pieces of toast with jam, sausage and egg wedge, scouse, roast beef and potatoes and carrots with gravey and apple sauce, several choclate bars and cans of shandy. i know i should be eating tons of chicken and tuna and green veg with wholemeal bread but where do i start. and can i still drink shandy? help
  2. Saz

    Saz Nerd Admin

    You've kinda answered your own question there. Plenty of fresh meat, fruit and veg. Try something like scrambled egg on wholemeal toast for breakfast, chicken/tuna salad for lunch, and meat and veg for dinner. Throw in some snacks of fruit or something healthy in between meals to stop you getting hungry and snacking on junk.

    And no more Shandy! Martial artists drink proper beer :D
  3. judojedi

    judojedi Officer of the Crown

    no i'll never stop drinking shandy, its lovely. reel beer is good to of course.

    surely the diet you mentioned it a generic sports diet and not focused on the requirements for judo. i will start with the healther eating but i'm looking for a specific diet such as the gracey diet for BJJ. that diet was far to complex and i suppose meant for top players and UFC standard fighters. supprisingly i'm neither of these.

    thanks for the help anyway, i will work out a sports diet based on the example you gave me and probably tinker about with it untill i find the right combo.

    what beer do you drink?
  4. saikyou

    saikyou New Member

    eat foods with lots of protein. stay away from junk foods and calories.
  5. Saz

    Saz Nerd Admin

    There's probably no specific food/diet you can eat to improve your judo. You'll find that following a proper healthy eating program will help more. You may want to focus it more on Protein as Saikyou said. If you want some extra strength, I'd suggest lifting weights in combination with the diet (if you don't already).

    I'm trying to avoid drink at the moment, but I do like a nice ice cold Becks. Or Kronenberg. Or Carling. Aw hell.. I'll drink almost anything :D
  6. saikyou

    saikyou New Member

    I do. but I never tried those supplements that said that it will make you stronger in a short period of tiime. I saw in a magazine that those supplements has some bad side effects. just rely on a healthy diet and you will be fitter for sure.
  7. Saz

    Saz Nerd Admin

    You mean things like creatine? I think they do work, but its best for serious weight lifters. I don't know much about it, best ask one of the lifters or the health and fitness crowd.
  8. Patrick Bateman

    Patrick Bateman Banned Banned

    For judo, as inmost martial arts you need stamina for the long haul. For that consume ainly complex carbohydrates, pasta and the like. keep the fat content low. For a bit of a kick before training try eating a some dried fruit like sultana's or a banana and jam butty!! the time to eat them partially depends on the make up of yor body, at least an hour to an hour and a half so you dont see them again in the middle of training!!

    Creatine does work, its a muscle cell voulmiser forcing water into the muscle, also improves recovery time and %age increase in strength. Does have draw backs, can lead to cramps and also need to consume a lot of water when taking it, best to cycle it if its part of your regimen. Creatine does help if you are taking any other muscle supplements as it forces them into the muscle tissue.
  9. TheMachine

    TheMachine Valued Member

    lot of protein and carbs, a decent amount of fat and lots of minerals. I eat a lot of chicken, beef and fish for protein. potatoes and rice for carbs. some nuts and fruits whenever an ample supply is available
  10. totality

    totality New Member

    i tried the gracie diet, it isn't, unless you make sure to get all those things. of course, i didn't start until i started getting up early for school, but...that's not the point!

    i guess that didn't help much. do what they said, but eat some cheese, too. (that's the only thing not mentioned)
  11. saikyou

    saikyou New Member

    Im not that serious. I dont want to join the world's strongest man competition. Those 150kg weight-lifters are really scary.

    ok, back to the topic. like what TheMachine has said, eat lots of chicken(remove the skin) and beef. Our muscles need lots of proteins to be stronger. Try to eat eggs w/out the yolk(that's where all of the cholesterol are stored) for breakfast. egg whites also contain tons of protein in it.

    If your going to a competition, eat tons of carbs for stamina.
  12. judojedi

    judojedi Officer of the Crown

    wow, lots of advice here since i last looked in. thanks everyone. i heard on the radio yesterday that eating a banana increases your blood/suger ratio by 30-35% within half an hour of eating it. thats a good percentage. bannana's before training from now on.
    kgirl, you listed some lovely beers there but neglected to mention probably the finest....(finest mass produced anyway) stella.
    oh my teenage days on the rocket fuel in the red and white tin...oh the shame...and just the things i can remember. ha ha, isn't there a thread in the off subject room about the best beer? think i'll check it out.
  13. saikyou

    saikyou New Member

    no problem Judojedi. That is what this forum is all about. Helping our fellow martial artist.
  14. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    "Best foods for judo players????"

    ... food that you can easily "throw" together!![​IMG]

    Seriously though.....
    Nutrition is not any different for the judoka than it is for the rest of us martial artists.
    The most important thing is to concentrate on eating a nutritious, balanced diet every day. This provides plenty of energy to grow strong and train to your utmost ability.

    As far as those bananas go.... A single banana supplies more carbohydrates than any other piece of fruit. A meal of bananas will provide enough fuel so that you can remain active for hours.

    They are a high carb food such as bagels or fruit juices. These foods are broken down quickly and provide glucose to the muscles..... and bananas also provide potassium (necessary for powerful muscular contractions) which makes them the best fruit for anyone who wishes to improve their athletic performance.
  15. Andy Defuson

    Andy Defuson Banned Banned

    There are some food suggestion for judo players
    • White Bread
    • Weetabix
    • Sweet corn
    • Raisins
    • Jam
    • Rice – white (cooked)
  16. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    Judoka like rolls. Forward, backward, cheese and ham....
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  17. Xue Sheng

    Xue Sheng All weight is underside

  18. axelb

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    and sometimes subs :D
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  19. Smitfire

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    Damn you're good....wish I'd thought of that one.
    Judoka also like to open up a Kano beans for their toast.
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  20. Smitfire

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    And an uchi (to)mato sandwich.
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