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Discussion in 'Judo' started by johnny, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. johnny

    johnny New Member

    hi i just started judo a few weaks ago and i train with abegginer class. I am the best in my class except for 1 who has extremly powerful legs that tire me down when fighting. Does any one have any good submissions against legs? Could you show me a step by stepp guide for it( bear in mind i am a total noob so i dont know any of the terminology)
  2. Adam

    Adam New Member

    leg submissions in judo? Are they allowed in your style? They aren't in the judo I'm taking.
  3. saikyou

    saikyou New Member

    maybe you are talking about leg/foot throwing techniques.
  4. cryo

    cryo New Member

    it might be an id to first fake a leg/food throw (so he'll put his weight more forward) and do a hipe throw. Like fake a O Soto Gari and when he corrects his weight a Koshi Guruma so hi'll can't use the strenght of his legs.
  5. TheMachine

    TheMachine Valued Member

    just pace your energy and don't try to muscle your moves.

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