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    Didn't feel much better or much worse. I had time for a nap at lunchtime, so took advantage, which was definitely needed.

    BJJ - 1 hour

    Went through the same takedown drill as Tuesday. This was a great opportunity for me to refine the takedown combo.
    Monday's times have changed, so I'm going to stick with Tuesday and Thursday for BJJ.
    Ground work - low mount, moving to high mount and working one elbow up and across the face with the body.
    Move into S mount and finish with leg over their head straight armlock, or come back to arm bar/juji gatame.
    Worked a variation with one hand round the back of the head which looked like a good combination to put with eziekiel from mount.
    Sparring 3 rounds.
    Another great session, really enjoying training at this club.
    It felt like starting back this year I have improved from before I stopped for Christmas, able to get in better positions than before, pass better, and shut down attacks, energy conservation is better. If I could quantify it, I would say maybe 10-20% better than before. :)


    reviewing my sleep - the amount is about "normal" for what I get with interruptions, resting HR is hanging in low 60s which is a minor improvement. Most mornings I felt rough on my chest. To add to all this my GP messed up my asthma med renewal, so I was 2 days without.

    I lighter workout than planned, until I'm resting properly. Also I introduced the puppy to the gym, so she gets used to all the different places and things, I set her up with a safe space and she just laid down for the most part.

    20kgx10, 60kgx5, 80kgx5, 100kgx5, 110kgx3, 120kgx3.

    High bar squat
    20kg 3x10

    Adding in some neck work after getting a neck harness (which my wife commented that is looked like some S&M thing).
    Starting light with high reps and going no where near failure as this is accessory work.

    neck harness raise
    2.5kgx10, 2.5kgx12, 5kgx10

    a lot lighter than I could do, so I'm happy with that.

    2 min light jog in the garden whilst being bounced on by a puppy.
    2 min shadow boxing.
    2 min light stretch (whilst being jumped on again)
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    Rest- an active weekend with no workouts planned.

    No planned workout, did a few bits to keep me active - 5 minutes Shadow boxing, 2 minutes stretching.
    2x5 Pushups
    3x5 squats
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