Are we in a new golden age of heavyweight boxing?

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by qazaqwe, Jan 18, 2015.

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    Most people with a belly like that wouldn't need much to put them over. Maybe some of the Ali fans could enlighten us as to what sort of body conditioning he did?
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    Stiverne was severely one dimensional and Wilder is going to KO'd right quick at the top level. When Stiverne waded in with the least of clues and actually managed to catch Wilder with something.... Wilders knee's gave a wobble and his guard fell apart in bits. There were several times when he got caught that I thought Stiverne would make the most of it... but Stiverne just isn't a smart fighter. Zero head movement... zero cutting off the ring... ugh. Frustrating to watch.

    Wilder won't hold that belt long before he's found out. Mark my words. He might look good against someone like Stiverne... but against real opposition he's done for.
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    While i do agree that Stiverne was clearly sticking to the same gameplan long after it stopped working, i can't help but feel that regardless of Wilder being wobbled a few times (not knocked down i might add) he did seem to show a surprising level of depth to his skills. He used his jab consistently, showing some basic, albeit effective lateral movement in setting it up in the later rounds, not to mention hooking off it rather well earlier in the fight, all the while getting past Stiverne's guard with regularity and avoiding most rushes with a surprising degree of finesse. To my mind it was more a case of Wilder, going further in a fight than he had ever been, keeping Stiverne out of his comfort zone for almost all of the fight, despite obviously getting tired as the fight went on.

    As for real opposition, if Stiverne isn't a test, then there are probably only one or two people on the planet who'd present such a problem, and if the succession of fights goes the way it seems to be intended, i can't exactly call being beaten by the #2 P4P fighter on the planet "being exposed", but you are right, he won't be a champ for too long, mostly because there isn't a heavyweight around who seems to be able to stop the Ukraine's answer to Ivan Drago anytime soon.
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