Anyone familiar with this particular bokken?

Discussion in 'Weapons' started by matveimediaarts, May 8, 2015.

  1. matveimediaarts

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  2. Karatebadger

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    It looks painted. I always avoid painted bokken as they sometimes hide flaws in the grain. It may be a good bokken but the paint makes me suspicious.
  3. Dean Winchester

    Dean Winchester Valued Member

    For training in other Dojo you are probably better off just getting a standard bokuto.

    Personally I would be bloody cautious of anything called a "Katana Wooden Bokken Practice Sword".
  4. armanox

    armanox Kick this Ginger...

    Also, the price sounds rather cheap.
  5. Infesticon #1

    Infesticon #1 Majesticon

    I've seen bokken like that that are made out of mdf or chipboard or some other type of compressed wood fibre material, not solid oak. I'm no carpenter though, and it might just look like the one I saw but be sturdier.
  6. VoidKarateka

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    It's a shame Ninecircles don't deliver outside Europe, they're awesome.

    I definitely wouldn't use Amazon to look for training weapons though. Have you tried some google searches or asked your instructor where they purchase their supplies from?
  7. matveimediaarts

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    Not yet, but I plan on it.
  8. Kenko Enso

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