Anybody Willing to Start a Compition in Kolkata?

Discussion in 'Competitors Corner' started by Arun Kumar Saha, Jul 6, 2018.

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    No I think that all we need to reference for your official “fraud award”

    Certificate on its way
  2. Thanks, Anything else???
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  6. Its sad but there is no single organization controlling all forms, We have to go through Karate association of india or others, still It could have been regulated a long ago. I mentioned this on another thread where i said , people are being trained either to be a engineer or doctor but not a good sportsman and almost 0 cances to choose MA as a career. If there were people more serious like you here the situations could have been different.
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    mr arun,it was you who invited a map member to come to your country,
    how about you attend next years map event here in the uk,
    see what real people have to offer?
    martial arts is not all about who is better,
    it is becoming a better person within yourself.
    we can all learn from each other,
    hope to see you next year.
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    I'm interested but can't find any good place
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