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  1. Shodan_Marcus

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    Having studied karate for a long time, I want to introduce some more grappling to my skillset. I've looked into various Aikido and Ju Jitsu classes in my area, but none appear that accesible for training when I am available.

    I've found a Judo club in Herne Bay, having a little look at their website (and I know they've been about for quite a long time), it certainly looks like fun, however one thing that disturbs me, they say they are a sport and not a form of self defence, is this the general outlook for all Judo clubs?
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    All the major martial arts are sports (sometimes not even that) and not a realistic form of self defence. Judo is just more honest about it than others.

    If you want to do grappling (that works), then your three options are Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Olympic wrestling. If you have any of those options, pick one.
  3. Shodan_Marcus

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    Looks like it's judo then as it's the only 1 of the 3 in my area. Might have to pop along tomorrow and see what it's all about.
  4. Pretty In Pink

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    Best of luck man!
  5. Dan Bian

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    Where about's are you?
    Actually in Herne Bay, or the surrounding area?
  6. Shodan_Marcus

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    I'm in the surrounding area, more towards Thanet.
  7. Alansmurf

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    You will enjoy the judo ...

    best of luck

  8. Dead_pool

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    Yes, judo clubs are heavy on the sport side of things, but theres a vast amount of crossover into SD, its just most judo clubs dont even realise it.

    Enjoy, have fun and remember to relax when your falling!

  9. Dead_pool

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    "Shane Burr a Royler Gracie-David Adiv-Eddie Kone blue belt and 2 x Cage Rage Veteran, will be opening a*RGDA Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy here at the whitstable full time centre. Classes are ideal for anyone from complete beginners to professional fighters.
    The start date for these classes will be in the new year, time and dates to follow."

    From a quick hearne bay bjj search
  10. Dead_pool

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  11. mike.Budo

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    Greetings Shodan Marcus

    If you ever find your way up to Maidstone, you'd be welcome to visit us at the SSBK. We tend to focus on learning the techniques and the art form rather than the sport side of Judo.

    Good luck in your search all the same my friend :)
  12. Van Zandt

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    Judo will elevate your Man Score by 600 points. (Karate/TKD = +100, Muay Thai/BJJ/Boxing = +250, Wing Chun = -500, Ninjutsu = Leave the country and don't come back)
  13. Prizewriter

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    Regarding self-defence, yes judo is a sport. Just like boxing is a sport. Doesn't mean they can't be used in self-defence.

    Brown belt in Judo disarming and holding down an armed robber (with the aid of a chair!) Nerves of steel:

    Plus judo, with soft mats and good coaching, is lots of fun :)

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