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    Monday: (09/03/20 - Addendum)

    Forgot to mention the 21,000+ steps that I also did yesterday.

    Tuesday: (10/03/20)

    For my 45@45 Challenge today, I decided to do 45 reps (20, 15, 10) of Kettlebell Swings.

    I jumped on the Treadmill, for a 30-minute Negative Split Run.

    Distance: 5.67km
    Av. Pace: 5m 17s per/km
    • 5m 46s per/km
    • 5m 37s per/km
    • 5m 34s per/km
    • 5m 20s per/km
    • 4m 43s per/km
    • 4m 28s per/km*
    (Note: *Actual stats 2m 58s per/670m)

    Back in the Dojo again tonight, for 60 minutes of Karate, which was broken down into 3 blocks - 15 minutes of Kihon, 15 minutes of Kata, specifically Shisochin for my group, then 30 minutes of Sparring Drills, which touched on the same topics that we covered in class last night.

  2. Travess

    Travess The Welsh MAPper Supporter

    Wednesday: (11/03/20)

    I decided to combine my 45 @ 45 Challenge workout this morning, with my Half Marathon Training -
    Nothing fancy, just a 45-minute Treadmill Run, for a total of 8.53km. I had it programmed for a random variable speed rate (the fastest of which being 15.9kmph, the slowest 9.6kmph, with an overall average of 11.4kmph)

    Not too taxing, but definitely enough to get a good sweat on!

  3. Travess

    Travess The Welsh MAPper Supporter

    Thursday: (12/03/20)

    45 @ 45 Challenge (week 2, day 5) Today I put together a little 5 x 9 Circuit for myself for today's challenge - 5 stations, made up of 9 x Halos / 9 x Tuck Crunches / 9 x Hammer Curls / 9 x Box Jumps / 9 x Skull Crushers, which I repeated for a total of 5 rounds.

    This not only gave me 45 reps per round, but also 45 reps of each exercise in total. (just to labour a theme to death!!!)

    Karate (90 minutes) There is grading coming up at the end of the month, so tonight's class followed a similar pattern to others already done this week - 30 minutes of Kihon, followed by 30 minutes of Kata, specifically Seyunchin and Shisochin for myself, and finally 30 minutes of Sparring Drills

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    Travess The Welsh MAPper Supporter

    Friday: (13/03/20)

    For today's 45 @ 45 Challenge, I jumped on the Treadmill for 9 x 500m Sprints (90s rest between each)

    Fastest time: 1m 29s (final lap)
    Slowest time: 2m 02s (6th lap)
    Average time: 1m 44s

    Karate - Half the class in the line-up, covering Kihon and Kata, and half the class Teaching, where I ran a few junior (under 13s) thru the revisions that we have introduced in to the way that we perform Gekisai Di Ni

    Saturday: (14/03/20) - REST DAY

    In every sense of the word - no 45 @ 45 Challenge, no running, no stretching, absolutely no exercise what so ever!

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    Travess The Welsh MAPper Supporter

    Sunday: (15/03/20)

    I'm planning on training as usual, and logging it, until such time that 1) I am unwell enough to do so, or 2) Anyone in my immediate family falls ill, and requires care...

    ...so, on that note:

    45 @ 45 Challenge today, was to head out to the garage, for a little quality time on the Heavy-Bag (wavemaster) and the Battle Ropes - This consisted of 18 x 45s rounds (with 45s rest between each) alternating each round between the above mentioned 2 pieces of equipment.

    My total for the past 7-days is 69,895 giving me a daily count of 9,985, which falls annoyingly just shy of my 10,000 (Av.) daily target.

  6. Travess

    Travess The Welsh MAPper Supporter

    Monday: (16/03/20)

    Karate is still on (for now) but all Partner Drills, Padwork and Sparring Drills have been temporarily shelved.

    This pretty much just leaves Kihon, which we did focusing primarily on Stance Work, and Kata, with an emphasis on Transitions

    No 45 @ 45 Challenge today, but, if I really wanted to blag my case, I could say that a 90-minute session, covering only a couple of elements, could be classed as 2 x 45 min sessions ;) :D

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