A new approach to preventing traumatic brain injury

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  1. SWC Sifu Ben

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    I just learned about this today from a nurse who actually knows one of the people who developed this.

    Apparently it (the Q-Collar) works by redirecting the blood flow in a way which mimics the process in animals which can endure severe repeated head impacts. The studies look very promising (an 83% reduction in traumatic brain injury markers) and if it works as advertised I think it would be the greatest leap in technology for striking arts since the boxing glove. I don't know how well it would stay on, it would certainly be more difficult while grappling, but I think it's certainly worth a test if anyone here wants to give it a try.

    Brain-Protecting Q-Collar Technology Spreads Through Sports World
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  2. Grond

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    Gregory D Myer, Kim Barber Foss, Staci Thomas, Ryan Galloway, Christopher A DiCesare, Jonathan Dudley, Brooke Gadd, James Leach, David Smith, Paul Gubanich, William P Meehan, Mekibib Altaye, Philip Lavin, Weihong Yuan. Altered brain microstructure in association with repetitive subconcussive head impacts and the potential protective effect of jugular vein compression: a longitudinal study of female soccer athletes. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 2018 DOI: 10.1136/bjsports-2018-099571
  3. Pretty In Pink

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    I think this will eventually be used in a medicinal way eventually. Really surprised more people arent talking about it.
  4. Dead_pool

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  5. Stuart Gilham

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    Interested but very sceptical about this.
  6. Xue Sheng

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    Not so sure about this collar for one simple reason. The claim is that it presses on the jugular veins. Now I am not a doctor but the brain is not floatig in blood, it is floating in cerebrospinal fluid


    And generally, increased pressure in the jugular veins is a bad thing

    might want to take a look at this
    11 Striking Facts About the Jugular
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  7. Mitlov

    Mitlov Shiny

    And it seemed to me that increasing blood pressure in the brain would increase the risk of a brain bleed, a potentially fatal issue, like the one that just killed boxer Maxim Dadashev.
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  8. Xue Sheng

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    I understand the "they need more testing" bit. But I'm with you, pressure to the jugular has been a medical problem for a long time. It would seem to me, putting in under pressure, and then letting folk hit you in the head, would be a very bad thing.
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  9. Dead_pool

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    There's a lot more going on in a wood peckers skull them just slightly higher vein pressure...

    Ps it's PBS funded, so its not just a random YouTube video
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  10. Xue Sheng

    Xue Sheng All weight is underside

    Problem solved. we need smaller brains and the heads of woodpeckers
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