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    One step sparring...

    Dear Sir,

    First, 1-step sparring is a very old tradition in the martial arts and is utilized as a progressive portion of training in many different systems.

    Secondly, I have several potential rescources available and would love to share some of the techniques used in our curricullum. In order to do so, I request that you inform me of your rank and the specifics of what is required by your instructor. I am hoping to gain an understanding of your ability so as to make appropriate suggestions! Feel free to email, private message, and I will submit to you my IM or phone for conversation!

  2. neryo_tkd

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    doesn't your instructor drill these combinations with you?

    the 1 steps we do don't involve only mid section punches.
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    Neryo, Lithanwif: exactly what I was looking for, thanks very much.
    P.S. Neryo, I have only ever done 1 step with the single obverse punch on both sides, I don't know whether the variations you described that you do are introduced at a higher level. Also, my instructor does demonstrate some 1 step combos, but encourages us to construct our own so that we ourselves can practice the techniques and learn what works well for ourselves. Cheers, future suggestions are still welcomed. :)
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    It's not so much a variation, as it is practising proper one-step sparring. Let's face it, a traditional obverse punch is not something you'd typically come across in combat, or even sparring for that matter. One-step can, and IMHO, should be performed with any technique the attacker can think of.

    It's more than a matter of punch-block-punch-kick-kihap.
  7. Taliar

    Taliar Train harder!

    Free Form One step sperring with any attack and any defense is introduced at 2nd Dan level within the TAGB (syllabus wise) however practice of it as at the instructors discression, and we practice it much earlier.
  8. oni_sensei

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    It should be practiced from well before 2nd Dan. 6th Kup, IMHO, when the students are starting to get the basic feel for their techniques, and areused to three and two step sparring.
  9. Lithanwif

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  10. Azeotrope

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    Thank you for me as well. I don't always choose responses which would work in real-life, so I am glad for all the examples I can get.

    PS: Happy Easter to everyone, Christian or not. :)
  11. Mandras

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    Favourite 1-steps

    Now I'm not sure how many of you practice 1-steps, so if this makes little to no sense please ignore.:)
    I was wondering what everyone's favourite combinations are in 1-steps. With a partner they do one attack and you block and counter.
    What techniques do you think look good together and what combinations have you done at a grading etc, etc, etc
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  12. Alexander

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    Ah, the reason why Toi Gye is my favorite form! Here's my fav's:
    1) Shift your body to avoid the blow grabbing their wrist and twisting it outwards, throwing them onto the floor so their back is to you. From here grab their head and break their neck. (Don't actually break their neck, but pretend to!)
    2) Parry their punch and grab their balls. Either rip their balls backwards or lift them up, in both cases using your hand that's just parried to push their neck down to the floor. (Don't grab - again, just pretend!)
    3) Parry their punch and slip you hand under their armpit, turning your body so they are pulled down into a shoulder lock. Knee them in the head.
    4) Grab their hand and leg reap, stamping on them when they are down.
    5) The good old block, grab their collar and hip throw. Stamp on them again when they are down.
    6) Block and extend it grabbing the opponent's sleeve above the bicep, simultaniously backfist/elbow to their face in stun them, then use the hand that backfisted/elbowed to grab their belt and lift, twisting your waist into them and hurling them over your hip.

    Evil enough? :D
  13. Mitch

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    To the inside:
    Block, trap the punching arm's elbow under your forearm and lift to a painful lock. Whilst they're thinking about that punch them repeatedly in the face.

    Block, step in close and repeatedly elbow them in the face with a motion like a hook punch, then pulling backwards.

    To the outside:
    Block with hooking block whilst stepping to side. Hold their wrist and pull straight arm towards you whilst striking palm heel to their elbow joint. After the break slide sideways in towards them whilst still holding the arm and do backwards elbow strike to face. Repeatedly.

    Block inwards with one arm, grab them by the throat with the other hand, hard. Many people freeze when grabbed by the throat. Sweep their forward leg, then once they're on the floor punch them in the face. Repeatedly.

    Lots of arm bars etc work in one step too. Talk to the Defendo guys, a lot of their stuff is transferrable to one step.

  14. TheMadhoose

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    Anythying simple and effective!
    Always makes me laugh when you see ppl doin about 20 counters on each attack
    Rather than talking to the defendo guys talk to your instructor about 1 step combinations.
    ! step in a grading should emphasise blocks and counters learned from tkd tarining
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  15. tkdextra1

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    I'm with you Madhoose. My favorite is step to the side, grab their wrist and upper-cut to the chin.
  16. TheMadhoose

    TheMadhoose Carpe Jugulum

    I have a core of about 7 techniques i use in 1 steps and only use fancier techniques for fun
  17. red-tkd

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    I learned so far 4 counter attacks, which move to the following directions:

    to the left
    to the right
    right into the opponent
    away from the opponent

    I'll explain one of 'em:

    1. Pull your left leg to your right, simultaniously take your hands up to your right body side
    2. Step into kima sogi to the right side of the attacker
    3. perform a hand strike (right arm) to the neck while blocking the punch arm with a block (left arm) with the edge of the hand (gee, my english sucks)
    4. Seize his punch arm with your left hand and switch into chongul sogi ergo pulling him forward through your movements of your hip
    5. Throw the final strike to his neck, since there's a large opening.

    yeah, that's it. Don't know if you can follow the instructions Oo
  18. Incredible Bulk

    Incredible Bulk Eat-Lift-Eat-Sleep-Grow

    we have 5 one steps to learn for white belt and 5 for yellow.
    one purple belt you learn 3 steps i think

    this is ITA.
  19. Xue Fang

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    One Step Sparring

    Okay. I don't know how it's done in other clubs and organisations, but in my club, we officially start one step sparring when we reach redstripe. However, Sabum likes to get us started when we reach bluestripe so when we reach redstripe we'll have some idea of what we're doing. Recently, I found myself partcipating in one step (which I found rather confusing, having only just learnt two step), but had absolutely no clue of what to do, and I'm very bad at improvisation. Also I don't know all of the higher-grade blocks and attacks (not being at that level yet so not having been taught them), so I don't really know what moves would work and what wouldn't.

    Anyways, what I was hoping for was if everyone could make some suggestions for two things:

    1) A few simple, basic blocks and counterattacks for one step just to get me started.
    2) Some more complicated combination counterattacks to try for fun once I get the hang of the more basic techniques.

    So! I wanna know all about your one step routines! What works for you? What's your favourite counterattack? Any suggestions for me please are most welcome. :)

    Xue Fang
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  20. Sang

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    1. Step back double knife hand block + gihap, blocking your opponent's inner forearm
    2. Step forward double knife hand chop to the neck + gihap
    3. Grab your opponent's lapels
    4. Roll back throwing yr opponent backwards using your leg and the pull of your /armshands on his/her lapel + gihap
    5. Roll thru with him/her and land of top of him/her
    6. Finally break the jaw with double x-fist strike + gihap.
    7. Roll forward over your opponent + super loud gihap.

    Basically, it's what Hwoarang does in Tekken (the jawbreaker) but adapted into 1 step. It's great fun and looks wkd if you get it right. Then you can modify it and make it more impressive. 1 step is really good fun because you can do whatever you want. You should enjoy it.
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