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Mar 18, 2024
    1. lorenzodamarith

      zaad! long time... how are you?

      still a cookie?

      good for you, mate.

    2. roninmaster
      im guessing that hannibal quote you have now is from the ninjutsu forum?
    3. Ero-Sennin
      I saw it, then got off my computer. On my way to take a nap I thought to myself, "man, I post stuff hoping the people interested in fitness pay attention to it, I bet he's doing the same thing." I got back on the computer just to give it a second look and see if I had anything I could add : P!
    4. roninmaster
      Its good to know that I'm not the only person perplex by ninjers. Thanks for some good feedback Zaad.
    5. wazzabi
      I'm a personal trainer and also an exercise leader for patients wuth chronic disease like stroke and heart disease. Great to e-meet you!
    6. Gripfighter
      been keeping an eye on it mate, haven't had time to get into all the links will give it the further going over tomorrow.
    7. JamesR
      Did you get my PM mate? :)
    8. Happy Feet Cotton Tail
      Happy Feet Cotton Tail
      Much info through on the grappling tourney?
    9. Happy Feet Cotton Tail
      Happy Feet Cotton Tail
      Hey Zaad! Have you been contacted at all by the St Andrews guys? There President spoke to me about a week ago, they want to see about setting up a University No-Gi league. They might be up for your tournament if you haven't already invited them! ;)
    10. Fish Of Doom
      Fish Of Doom
      *poke* you there?
    11. Southpaw535
      We'll probably work it out a bit later. We have two comps that have just sprung up and I have a day with JWT soon so we're a bit snowed under
    12. Southpaw535
      No idea yet, still needs booking. We need somewhere cheap though
    13. icefield
      i have some old York articles on the lifts, reprinted in the old dino files, ill dig them out and contact you when i have found them and e-mail them to you if you like?
      Dude so you know how many Singh's there are in NY? LOL... Its all in the book but actually I have another source that can give you my history... Like I said goggle... lol

      When the Teacher Appears Article by ATCQA Supreme Living Magazine
      Thanks man... NY is where I hale from...I really appreciate the engagement on facebook... Please get with putrid about my book... it just may add to yor pugilism if that is your goal... As I metioned Mike Butler will be on the thread soon and he can explain some thangs about my madness.... lol...
    16. Happy Feet Cotton Tail
      Happy Feet Cotton Tail
      It's cool man, I only asked because our secretary is snapping at my neck! You guys have our e-mail so you can drop us a line when you have some more details. Either way we can probably put forward a good 6 or 7 fighters. :)
    17. Frodocious
      You're very welcome! We are allowed to be flexible with charity events and, considering your excellent contributions to MAP, all the Mods agreed that you should be able to post this.
    18. Frodocious
      Hi Zaad, the unanimous view from the Mods is that it is fine for you to post this - the best place might be in the Events sub-forum.
    19. Frodocious
      I'll raise it in the Mod section and get back to you. I always wanted to cycle across Canada myself.
    20. Happy Feet Cotton Tail
      Happy Feet Cotton Tail
      Ah I see, yeah it's the same with us as well. Would be easier to get freshers sorted first. My Secretary dropped an e-mail asking about weights, how many people you are looking for and whether you can offer female fighters a chance to compete? Any chance you guys could answer that soonish?

      She gnawed at me during today's training about not getting a reply, so I thought I'd satisfy her by saying I'd drop "my contact" a message about it. :P
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