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Project: Chaos!, from vice city

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Aug 8, 2013
    1. Obewan
      Hello Lorenzo I'm fine...the Zimmerman case? Tragic is how I'd sum it up. Don't know if you've had the chance to look over the thread, but I've made some comments, that seemed to get things stirred up a bit. Anyway hope all's well with you. TTYLT
    2. Fish Of Doom
      Fish Of Doom
      yo. i'm good, you?
    3. lorenzodamarith

      apologies for being away so long. transplanted for work. back now. will be getting back to the project... likely this weekend.

    4. Mark 42
      Mark 42
      I'm still aging ;)
    5. ArthurKing
      Hey, just found this, did you enjoy Embassytown? Can also recommend Kraken by the same author and recently read 1Q84 by Murakami, also good!
    6. Rand86
      Woo-hoo, anyone alive in there?
    7. finite monkey
      finite monkey
      What do you offer me by way of a dowry?
    8. Kozak
      Hello lorenzodamarith,

      This has proven to be a very interesting project indeed. I have been studying these people since I was a child, beginning with old Ukrainian songs from various family members.

      As far as horses goes, it's not really necessary to own one. Most cossacks of the time period (16th-18th century Zaporozhian cossacks) I am trying to "represent" didn't actually own horses at all. They were foot soldiers with pikes, muskets, and swords. They still recieved the same kind of training as all the other cossacks, but none concerning horses. Heck, I don't even have my own right now.

      "with regard to the seeming lack of interest in cossack warfighting, do you think the cost of horse ownership is prohibitive?" - Sorry, but would you mind clearing this question up for me a bit? Thanks.


    9. SpikeD
      Finished it a while back and i really enjoyed it. Not sure that it fits the 'Cyberpunk' theme though, more dystopic future-esque. I am looking to read a few more of Dick's writing once i finally finish the epic that is Under The Dome by Stephen King.
    10. Mitch
      "Re-stomp the groin" is from the Enter The Dojo series if videos. If you haven't seen them check out the thread on MAP, funny stuff :D

    11. lorenzodamarith

      if anyone is interested, and not already doing do, look a couple pages back on the "visitor messages" page here for info on Project: Chaos!

      would really like to see what the crew here will make of it!!

    12. dormindo
      Thank you, glad you enjoyed it.
    13. melb
      Hey, I just posted in the forum so you may wanna look there but basically, Japan's a small country with people who get along so the styles are known. China's the opposite so you get many styles popping up in different parts where some may overlap (kinda like what you said)..made me realise actually there are probably so many MA styles in Russia but the only one I know of is Sambo..
    14. gorinnosho
      oh haha, thank you, i was only certified a few weeks back so it's ok,
    15. Pkhamidar2com
      well i do tangsoodo but im not using the Kata stances or the traditional stances.

      My upper body is like a boxing stance. My leading jab arm is near to my chin under my eyes, the rear arm that does cross is not at my chin but facing my other arms forebone so that i can protect from low kicks and kicks to the solarplex.

      My stance i use, im always told to use a back stance, where your back foot is put weight on, but i never feel comfortable with it, even though he says to, i try and i dont find it useful because it makes me slow when i try to through rear legged kicks.

      So i prefer a neutral fighting stance. I keep on the balls of my feet and weight evenly distributed across both legs.

      I use the tennis ball trick to keep my head low at all times.
    16. Frodocious
      Glad to be able to help! :)
    17. Kurtka Jerker
      Kurtka Jerker
      It's coming along about as well as I can afford. Not terrible. Not as fast as I'd like. It's life. And I thought the thread was fine. That's life and death stuff. Can't just send someone on his way with what he wants without at least trying to make sure it's not going to endanger himself or someone else, right?
    18. CrowZer0
      Just got your message now, never checked the "your notifications thing" The first Law Trilogy is a lovely read. I just finished it, and have started on (for the second time) Abercrombie's Best Served cold, while I wait for the Alloy of Law to arrive in the post.
    19. Madao13
      I really appreciate your kind words!!:) Thank you for the friend request too!
      I have also read some posts of yours and you struck me as a quite knowledgeable guy.. I remember visiting your profile to see what martial arts you have studied and other sorts of things, but you don't have much info there..
    20. EmptyHandGuy
      Hi, no didn't get hold of a copy.
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