What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

Discussion in 'Music' started by YODA, Apr 1, 2003.

  1. aaradia

    aaradia Choy Li Fut and Yang Tai Chi Chuan Student Moderator Supporter

    Not offended, just not sure what you meant. I know what a chick flick is, but couldn't figure out what that meant with music. Weepy ballads - I get it now.
  2. wcrane

    wcrane Valued Member

    Scott Stapp - The Great Divide
    Solo Cd from Ex-Creed singer. Always enjoyed Scott's Larger than life voice, This is a pretty solid Cd.
  3. aikiMac

    aikiMac boxing is fun Moderator Supporter

    It's a truth of human life: every music queue should begin with Abba's "Dancing Queen."
    It's quite possibly the best song ever. Either that, or Journey's "Don't Stop Believing." Or Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody."

    Anyway, Abba might be 70's pop but it doesn't grow old. "The Winner Takes It All" makes me almost cry because it's ... it's true. (sniffle) [huh, we lost our crying smilie?]
  4. wcrane

    wcrane Valued Member

    The Sunday's - Blind
    some groovy early 90's alternative rock. Love, Wild Horses, Goodbye, I Feel.
  5. Van Zandt

    Van Zandt Mr. High Kick

    Classic Sting.

  6. wcrane

    wcrane Valued Member

    Robert Mirabal - Music from a painted cave
    A beautiful blend of Native American music (Flute and drums) with elements of rock and new age music. I saw a PBS special many years ago featuring Robert Mirabal and liked it so much that I bought this Cd. I enjoy watching his performances on youtube and bing videos as well.
  7. wcrane

    wcrane Valued Member

    Moby - Everything is Wrong
    A nice blend of mellow ambient music and high energy dance tracks. Not a huge Moby fan but this is a pretty good CD.
  8. Dead_pool

    Dead_pool the merc with the mouth

    Ive just heard the news, RIP.
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  9. wcrane

    wcrane Valued Member

    Eddie Money - Sound of Money(Grt. Hits)
    Just some good ol' Rock and Roll. I think I'm in love, Baby hold on, Shakin', Take me home tonight, and of course..Two tickets to paradise
  10. wcrane

    wcrane Valued Member

    Depeche Mode - Playing The Angel
    Wasn't a huge fan of this Cd upon release (2005), I pretty much felt that after "Faith and Devotion" DM CD's lacked something. Having now recently listened to the three subsequent follow-up's to F&D( Ultra, Exciter and this one ) I find myself appreciating them more. This is possibly the better of the three in my opinion. Precious, Macro, Lilian, John the revelator.
  11. wcrane

    wcrane Valued Member

    Moby - Animal Rights
    Musically, this CD is all over the place from fast paced punk to mellow ambient instrumental tracks and sounds in-between. I bought "Everything is Wrong" Cd not knowing much about Moby and really liked it so when this was released several years later I got it, was a little disappointed as I am not to keen on his punk tracks, but the rest of it is pretty good.
  12. aikiMac

    aikiMac boxing is fun Moderator Supporter

  13. wcrane

    wcrane Valued Member

    Beethoven's Piano Sonatas - Claudio Arrau
    Beautiful renditions of 3 of Beethoven's best, #8in C minor(Pathetique), #23 in F minor(appassionata), and my favorite #14 in C sharp minor(Moonlight).
  14. xubuntu69

    xubuntu69 New Member

  15. wcrane

    wcrane Valued Member

    James House - Cool Boy in Spain
    Classic song from 1983, which is probably the last time I heard this song. It popped into my head so I found it on youtube an went back to a simpler time.

    Variouse Artists - For The Masses
    A Depeche Mode tribute Cd featuring, The Cure, Smashing Pumpkins, Monster Magnet, Rammstein, Etc. The song that caught my ear this time around was Master and Servant by Locust. Never heard of them but it is an interesting version of the song.
  16. wcrane

    wcrane Valued Member

    Thelonious Monk - Best Of
    Legendary Jazz Pianist classic songs, both solo and with his Quartet. Not being an expert on Monks career this is a nice set to dive into, I personally prefer the solo piano tracks but all is good.
  17. wcrane

    wcrane Valued Member

    Montroes - The Very Best Of
    Bay Area classic rock. This is where Sammy Hagar cut his teeth. Bad Motor Scooter, Rock Candy, Spaceage Sacrifice, Dancin' Feet. Between Edgar Winter Band, Momtroes, and Gamma Ronnie Montroes has played on quite a few classic rock songs.
  18. Khouji

    Khouji New Member

    I'm listening to the Real Folk Blues OST by Cowboy Bebop. I do recommend this one. Look for an English version.
  19. wcrane

    wcrane Valued Member

    The Last Samuri - Soundtrack
    Some nice music to relax to
  20. ned

    ned Valued Member

    Latest charity shop picks ;

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