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Discussion in 'Injuries and prevention' started by john83gater, Nov 29, 2017.

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    Hi , I have been doing karate for 8/9 weeks now , and occasionally after class my legs , hip aches for a couple of days , however the pain I can feel this week is much worse , it is in my hip/lower back , and also my shins .

    1/ is this normal to feel some pain
    2/ is there anything I can do for it ,

    As I have a tournament on Sunday
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    at this point the best you can do is see a physiotherapist before the competition.

    That may not be feasible, and what I will say is; if the pain is progressively getting worse, then some time to rest may help, but if it feels bad, then you do not have to compete - there will be many opportunity for competition, not necessarily another opportunity to fix your body if it becomes an injury.

    Based on your other posts, if this is kumite, you will not have full control of the match which increases injury risk if you are in pain.

    it will be hard after a short training time to gauge normal training pain, or overrtraining pain.
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    It depends on a lot of factors, if you can, see a physio, if not get a sports massage and see if that helps, if not that, have a few hot/cold contrast showers, and take a few days of nsaids (if your not allergic etc) and see what happens.
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