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    not too sure if this is a good sport for it or not, but i wanted to ask if this was a good idea.

    I am looking at doing a circuit which mixes strikign a bag and weight lifting/calisphetic, not too sure if its a good idea or not, but it would be mainly punches and dumbell exercises ATM, pending on mood and what i learn though.

    Jsut to summorise it might go something like this: warmup, striking bag, dumbell exercise for upper arm, lower body, strike bag/rest repeat. or any combination of any exercise pending my mood.

    Also, is lifting your arm with the drumbell out to the side a good exercise or not?

    I do not know many exercise names. I assume its good, just want a second a opinion on how to streamline it or something, not tried it yet. Easier question would be how do you make a good circuit, but i dont like the easy ways out. :p
  2. axelb

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    If you want a good circuit based around boxing, or kickboxing - some clubs do a circuit session, go to those sessions and you can replicate the circuit in your own time aswell.

    From my own experience, I wouldn't mix lifting and bag work in the same session, or if you do ease it in slowly, I developed acute tennis elbow.

    I told the doctor that it wasn't possible because I didn't play tennis ;)

    But on a serious note, that took a while to recover from.
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    Oh man!


    That explains SO much! Cheers axelb.


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