Zen Do Kai? McDojo set up or Martial art?

Discussion in 'Karate' started by Hapuka, Jul 27, 2007.

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    Hi Zen warrior

    Sorry mate didn't mean to intrude.

    I speak as an outsider so your knowledge from the inside will be highly more valueable than mine.

    So please if you have more to add go ahead.

    I have met some great people from Zen Do Kai, and when i was younger a few of my friends also trained in it.
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    No I was just trying to make sense of there grading chart which is +3 months every belt or so and +6 months for black. I was thinking that any black belt trained in 6 months would be very McDojo and would be very useless in street fighting which is the traditional aim of Zen Do Kai. We have in the past had a Jet Black system but that is possibly the hardest year of training one can undertake in any form of Martial Arts. We train hard and develop hard arses for the purpose of security and have secured everything from Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs to Linda Ronstadt and in between with the likes of the Rolling Stones and Abba during the 1970's. invariably this has left a reputation amongst a lot of security guards even today though, so much that if security guards see one of our Bushido crosses they generally know of the style and respect the practitioner. Because of Soke's influence over Martial Arts for the last 40 years it has become some what recognised throughout Australia.

    In saying that though we have also trained with the likes of Sam Greco in recent seminars and trained quite successful martial artists such as Richard Norton [who unlike Chuck Norris can fight] who cofounded the style with Soke. Traditionally we have also been fairly successful in competition before the uptake of MMA with my dad in particular being an Australian free style martial arts champion in the 1970's.

    Zen Do Kai was designed for street self defense and in the late 60's and early 70's Bob Jones hand picked some of the toughest fighters he could find in order to develop a core group of security workers for some of the biggest international artists that have toured Australia. We train hard in order to defend our selves and have developed some of the toughest street fighters in Australia often by reputation but also in the ring.

    If BJMA Zen Do Kai is not one thing it's definitely not McDojo, but what can I say some schools are McDojo which is unfortunate because even with personal bias granted I can say its a reasonable style.
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    What about the guy who went from white to black in 3 MONTHS (yes, months).......??? I read the story in the Energy Magazine that was part of Zen Do Kai. It was in Perth, W.A

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