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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Zabrus, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. Zabrus

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    A small training log as I prepare for a November kumite fight, my first real one.

    Here is the thread that started it,

    I do intend to incorporate all the tips over time.

    This August it will be only condition training, as dojo is closed. We will have one or two classes in the beach, but that will be all.

    Age: 43
    Weight: 97Kg
    Height: 1'85

    August 3rd
    Temperature: 28ÂșC.
    Time: 20:00

    Before starting running uphill and all that kind of things, I decided to do a general cardio test. So I went down to the nearest flat area (27 meters altitude change in 1 km, luxury for me being in the mountain).

    Distance: 3.1km
    Time: 18:48
    Level change: 24m
    Average: 6:03 / Km

    First kilometer was good, even if there is a slight uphill, it was a good rythm, 4:53. Next two kilometers where slower (so uphill, downhill, uphill). Not bad, but needs to be improved.

    Discovered a nice park with some nice public exercise thingies: pull up bars, inclined bench for crunches, etc.

    Did 5 minutes of basic technique, using Steve Arneil's proposed standard kyokushin warm up exercises (17 hand techniques, 21 leg techniques. Only did the hand ones as the leg ones I have to learn their order, etc), concentrating on form. Leg technique is my weak part, my legs are slow and my hip seems to be a solid block. I will have to concentrate a bit on leg technique. Hands not so much problem, been told I have heavy hands.

    Lying flat crunches, upper abdominals: 75
    Lying flat crunches, lower abdominals: 25
    Lying flat side crunches (from one arm to the opposite knee): 25
    Pushups: 30

    So, crunches not too bad, pushups, always a weakness of mine, need lots of improvement.

    Then tried the park stuff:
    Inclined Bank crunches (lying on it, full lower and upper abdominals): 10
    Pull ups: 5 (and with bad form).

    Had never done pull ups or the bank crunches, will have to find how to properly do that.

    Reduced my daily coca cola intake to 1 glass. Lots of water. Midday normal lunch, but eating like a normal human and not a hungry beast. Night, tuna sandwich (instead of a whole pizza with extra cheese and a nice red sausage we have in Spain, or pasta, which would be my normal supper)
  2. Ultima Ratio

    Ultima Ratio New Member

    Good luck with your kumite. You have given yourself a good amount of time to prepare. Smart.

    Do you have to be down to a certain weight for the fight?

    As far as pull-ups go, I hear tell that you should try and bring your elbows together behind your back in order to engage the lats, while pulling the upper chest up to bar. Don't quote me on that though. I am not known for my superb pull-up technique.
  3. Zabrus

    Zabrus Valued Member

    Nope, no especial weight requisites.

    Muy expectations are todo go slightly down, and replace some slab with mus le forma better protection.
  4. Zabrus

    Zabrus Valued Member

    Age: 44
    Weight: 93Kg
    Height: 1'85

    So, not much to post until today. As can be seen, in this long time (2 months), I've grown a year and have gone down 4kg. Height hasn't changed... Mainly, my semi-diet seems to be working. The main aspect of it: less Coke (reduced to one glass a day). I call it semi-diet because I eat like a normal human, and the 'diet' part is not eating a pizza a night.

    exercise wise, until today, I just did some pushpups, crunches, weights for different muscles in arms, some weights for chest, some internal leg muscles (but I think it wond do much against a internal lowkick, as there is almost no muscle there), etc.
    Of course, during september, normal dojo exercises too.

    Today something must have gone snap on my brain, either yesterday that straight punch to the face was stronger than I hoped (we where doing koten kumite, old style, so you can touch the other guys face with open hands, throw him down, etc). So when my opponent instead of his usual slap to the face did a direct punch, wasn't expecting it. It was not too strong. Also probably been following too much the Rugby World Cup.

    I joined a Rugby team, regional second division (so it would be Kent, Surrey, etc if it was in England). Saturday we have the first league match (which of course I wont be playing). Yes, I know I'm a bit too old for rugby, but when I asked for veterans they said: nope, we have people your age playing. Yes, all 4 of them!!!

    Those guys are only amateurs? 15 minutes into the warm up routine I was almost exhausted!! Luckily, today after that was basically ball passing exercises, etc, so I could recover on time and keep my dignity. Liked the fact that it started to down pour and everyone just kept training. Some small physical (10 burpees, etc) are there after every ball excercise.

    The last minutes, rugby mini game, I did not participate (as my skills are almost 0). I think the combination of Rugby and Kyokushin can be very very interesting.

    So now I'm doing: monday Kyokushin (we rotate kumite, kihon, kata twice a week), Tuesday Rugby (physical mainly), Wednesday Kyokushin, Thursday Rugby (technical), Friday Rugby (pre game), weekend rest. Might be too much... or maybe not enough!!!
  5. Zabrus

    Zabrus Valued Member

    After 2 days of rugby I've found:
    My cardio is ok. My legs are weak. Now to focus.
  6. Zabrus

    Zabrus Valued Member

    Three weeks of Rugby training, 2 hours, 3 days aweek of running, pushing, crashing, avoiding people, etc where doing wonders on my physical state. I learnt that...

    1. my heart cardio was ok, I can do the 2 hours training.

    2. my leg cardio was weak.

    problem is
    3. you can't train if you get an ankle sprain... Well, after going to the doctor for once, ice every two hours, not touching the ground with the bad foot, ibuprofen.
  7. belltoller

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    First - you've a great log - keep it up1

    Second - Kyokushin Karate and Rugby are an interesting mix, indeed!

    Third - you might want to think twice about playing rugby when you've a Kumite coming up so soon. Its hard enough to train seriously for a combat art comp without injuring oneself in the process and you are bound to go into it hampered by even more injuries as a result. - just my opinion ;)

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