Your first times Sparring???

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by Myke_Tyson, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. Myke_Tyson

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    Hey all. I am Myke Tyson and new to this site. I really had a question or 2 for all you boxers out there who have been sparring for more than a few years or so.

    1) During your first couple of times sparring ever in your life, what kinda obstacles did you face regarding technique, breathing/relaxing, distance, flow, openings, etc etc???

    2) What did you do to face and overcome these obstacles?

    ***BTW when i mention first few times sparring in boxing; it could mean either at your local boxing club or even at your friend's backyard. Either way what can you guys tell me from your experiences?***
  2. Jamo2

    Jamo2 The Louie Vitton Don

    Sparring is one of thosethings where everybodys terrified to do, but once your in the ring, you'll love it.

    As for what goes wrong the first couple of times= Everything. Your technique goes to pot, your breathing becomes irregular, you seem to think your arms are twice as long as they are because you never get close enough to land any shots and any openings you get your scared to take incase you open yourself up.
    And this ALL happens in a mere 3 minutes :rolleyes:

    But dont worry, you step out of the ring feeling twice the man you thought you were, not as wounded and bruised as you thought you were going to be and ready for next time.

    Slowly but surely you keep sparring, everything starts falling into place. You tell yourself to relax and you start to enjoy yourself. Then you'll start getting good, dishing out just as much as you can take.

    But remember, the only way to get good at sparring is, to spar.
  3. Myke_Tyson

    Myke_Tyson Banned Banned


    Thanks for the quick and informative response Jamo2. Seems like you are the only true boxer on this forum who has sparred b4???

    Cuz no one else is responding to my post yet, there have been 36 people who have VIEWED my post already.... hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Maybe I need to have more patience.

    my boxing club does everything in 3 minute rounds, 30 second breaks. So we kinda train the way professionals do it. I hear even the amateur boxers train 3 minute rounds/30 second breaks, even though their fights are only 2 minute rounds with a maximum of 4 rounds!.
  4. Jamo2

    Jamo2 The Louie Vitton Don

    I am not the only one here that spars. Just give it time.

    And yeah my gym trains the same. Used to train 2 minute rounds then coming closer to showseason we up the rounds and make everything generally harder.
  5. el_torito_boxer

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    Hi Myke,

    Yeah the best advice i could give regarding Sparring is to relax.. The only trouble with that though mate is your bodies natural instinct is to tense up.
    I am a Professional Boxer and my first experience sparring was aged 6.
    So at that age your are pretty fearless, and have no real concern other than swinging punches. But when ever im involved with helping to coach the younger boxers - i use touch sparring as an-excellent stepping stone towards sparring.

    gloves on.. shaping up.. and instead of sparring (shots to the head)
    target the shoulder (top of arm) and use the fundamentals of boxing
    "hit & don't be hit" get in range to strike - and step back avoiding counters.

    then enter your sparring with the very same approach -
    use reflexes and deception in sparring - save power shots for the fight.

    But totally Agree; with Jamo..
    The more and More you SPAR!!
    The easier it will become. All the Best
  6. Myke_Tyson

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    Thanks and Hi El Torito.

    I guess sparring with more experienced fighters would help too?
    What about with southpaws? Or is that just TOO advance for a noob like me?

    I also have a hard time with relaxing. Due to this fact, my punches come out slow and telegraphed and often can't get past the opponent's guards.
    Someone told me
    breathing is the key to relaxing your mind/body and helps you face your fear of getting hit.
    What do you guys think?
  7. el_torito_boxer

    el_torito_boxer New Member

    Southpaws - Can be awkward.

    But dont throw in your own towel.

    Sparring with Experienced Boxers is the best way to go, they can help monitor the spar and check you for faults.

    your body will hyperventalate - if you dont control your breathing, you'll start gasping.. and tire out much quicker so Yes it is very important to breath correctly. a technique thats never failed me and was advised by one of the u.k top sports (Dr.) Scientists. is to always breath through your nose.

    Both - Breathing in.. and Out - through your nose.

    Reason being; when we breath through our nose the air is;
    adjusted to the right temperture before it reaches our lungs

    if we suck in lots of air through our mouth..
    it's full of dust particles - not clean and too much oxygen is equally
    fatigues you the same way not enough oxygen does.
    Ex. - too much heavy breathing can make you faint.

    Have a coach monitor your breathing pattern during shadow boxing aswell as sparring.

    You'll get there - Best of luck (hope that helps)
  8. Myke_Tyson

    Myke_Tyson Banned Banned

    Say Jamo2 and El Torito,

    how difficult would it be for a beginner at sparring to effectively Counter Punch his/her opponent?

    Say I get at it with my friend (Wing Chun AND boxing experience btw) in his basement. WE
    go 4 rounds, 3 minutes each round, 30 second breaks between rounds....
    What is the likely hood of me countering and punching my opponently effectively on a constant basis throughout all the rounds?

    Or is it more likely I'll get out punched by his flurries more than I would be able to counter?
    I guess countering takes a lot of timing, footwork, distance judgement, flow/relaxed muscles, and of course EXPERIENCE right?

    Thanks guys.
  9. Jamo2

    Jamo2 The Louie Vitton Don

    Counter punching, like you said, is ALL about timing, footwork, coordination and speed. Some of the last things youll pick up in boxing. Anybody can punch, but moving out of the way of a punch but putting yourself in a advantageous position at the same time is very hard. There are people at the top of there game who still havent mastered counter punching.

    Look at boxers like Erik Morales and Gatti for counter punching. VERY technical boxers, great fighters to watch.

    Id say as a beginner dont think about tactics, just get in there, hit and try not to be hit. Heh i know it sounds simple but sometimes over analyzing it can have a detrimental effect.
    If you see a chance to counter punch, take it, practice your slipping, every time he jabs, place yourself under it and closer. But if hes more experienced than you your gonna take a few nice ones on the nose before you realise you need practice.
    Just enjoy yourself mate, youve got plenty of time and nothing to prove....yet :)


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