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Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by Chimpcheng, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. Chimpcheng

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    Alright gadget fans?

    I'm sure many of you queued up the other Friday to get your mitts on the wonder that is the iPad 2. Now, I've had mine since day of release and the thing is in constant use (the near instant interweb access does it for me every time). However, I'm none too sure about the 'Must Have' Apps.

    I've done the online searches and downloaded the usual suspects - Angry Birds HD, Drop Box, Google Earth, iBooks, Kindle and a billion others - but apart from what's in the download charts, has anyone got a favourite App, besides the usual ones found lurking in nearly every list of 'Best Apps'?

    Just this very morning I found 'Discover' which displays Wiki pages as a magazine (much like Flipboard which gives you your facebook, twitter and news in a similar style) and I also downloaded a Back to the Future Flux Capacitor App. Utterly pointless but totally amazing! :D
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  2. Osu,

    There is an interval timer for the IPhone, maybe there is one for the iPad as well?

  3. Moi

    Moi Warriors live forever x

    I can give you iPhone apps

    Webcams is useful as you set it up for your local traffic cams and you can check tge journey to work in the morning

    There's an 0870 app that gives you real phone numbers, that's good

    118 app saves money if you use the service

    Iquarium is great

    Ledit should be a good bit of nonsense on the iPad


    Tune-in radio is great
  4. Chimpcheng

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    I have Tune-in Radio for my Android and it's an awesome little App.

    I've also downloaded a couple of Jiu-Jitsu Apps, one of which is meh, the other is ooooh, as it breaks some of the basic techniques right down. Not that you can really learn from a video, but if you already do it then it's a cool supplement to the training.

    I'm looking to get Infinity Blade and also Comic Zeal...
  5. Moi

    Moi Warriors live forever x

    Just read the reviews of anything before you buy. Not just the star rating
  6. Moi

    Moi Warriors live forever x

    Find-me-TV is good. Links to iplayer for the BBC and can control your Sky plus if you have it
  7. Simon

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    There are some good boxing timers that can be adapted for you own preference. You can change the round length and rest length.

    There are also some beep test apps. You can get the standard 20 metre test as well as a police standard 15 metre, which is great because I can use it inside the hall we use for training.

    Jumi cam and Jumi mouse are good. You can control the cursor and keyboard of your PC from the IPod. You can alo view your webcam.
    One of the guys I work with has dogs so he leaves the webcam on and can check on the dogs wherever he is in the country. He can even shout at them if they get a bit boisterous.

    Ultra trainer is good. It has a tabata timer, as well as other including a sprawl timer. You start your shadow boxing and the timer shouts out 'sprawl', the class hits the deck, gets up and carries on. A killer.

    Other than that it is standard fair. An app to check my bank accounts, facebook, ebay, image shack, kindle etc.
  8. The Wiseman

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    I like the instant ramen app. It was sold for a limited time.
  9. Chimpcheng

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    I've just had a look at Ultra Trainer. Looks pretty sweet but there doesn't seem to be any user ratings for it. I'll see if I can find any reviews on line. I'm liking how it can shout out commands. We used to use one of Baz Rutten's audio workouts on an iPod, where he'd should out what to do (jab, cross, sprawl, jumps, squats, and remind you that "no pain, no gain" etc.)

    EDIT: Just swapped the thingy on the thingy so that it displays reviews/ratings on past versions of the App. It's got some good reviews. I may invest the £1.79 asking price, but, at the moment I'm having way too much fun with the Back to the Future Flux Capacitor App. 1.21 GIGAWATTS??!!
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  10. seiken steve

    seiken steve golden member

    Falcon gunner, augmented reality gaming.

    Rocks so hard. I have the Ipad 1 so can't use it (needs a cammera) but my mate has it on his Iphone.

    and the free essentials like calculator, unit converter etc.

    there is a free calorie counter than looks alright too.
  11. Chimpcheng

    Chimpcheng Yup... Giant cow head... Supporter

    Yeah, I'm tempted on Falcon Gunner as the iPad 2 has cameras. However, it's an iPhone App and other iPhone Apps on my iPad 2 don't look very nice when blown up on the larger screen. I'm hoping there's an iPad specific version coming soon.

    Still, it's less than the price of those funky Japanese drinks in the local Chinese Supermarket...
  12. Moi

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