Your Favourite Boxer!

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by Andy Murray, Mar 12, 2002.

  1. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    Just let us know who your favourite Boxer is, and why!
  2. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Livingstone Bramble, hands down.

    When the HBO producers made the Ray 'Boom-Boom' Mancini life story film, they wrote this very touching ending, in which Ray wins back the championship from Bramble. See, Ray had lost the first fight because he overtrained, and left his best punch in the locker room.

    Unfortunately, the producers forgot to explain this script to Livingstone Bramble, who came out for the rematch and let Ray hit him repeatedly with his best shot, and then whipped up on 'Boom-Boom' .

    I normally don't get much out of watching two grown men pummeling each other, but I was so annoyed by the contrived hype surrounding Ray Mancini, that I really did enjoy Bramble's victory.

  3. hung fut mak

    hung fut mak New Member

    My favourite boxer at the moment has to be Ricky Hatton because he delivers the most devastating body punches .
    but all time boxer is a hard one Benny Lynch or Rocky Marciano
    just for the fact they where hard as fxxx.
  4. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    I have many favourites, but I always liked Chris Eubanks. Yet another controverial choice I know, but hey, support the underdog! The battles between Nigel Benn and Eubanks were unbelievable. they seemed to hate each other. I believe Nigel Benn was a Kick Boxer before a boxer!

    Latterly he lost his timing, but I liked his ability to evade a blow without moving his feet. Even when all around him were talking him down, he kept his dignity! Be proud!

    All time favourite is Ali. He did it all, he changed the sport, he changed how the world thought about black athletes ( not alone I know) he inspired a generation. To this day, he is an inspiration to every athlete of every description.

    Beyond all that Ali had/has a sense of humour.
  5. Freeform

    Freeform Fully operational War-Pig Supporter

    Or was he even more arrogant than Naseem?

    Seen the film yet?
  6. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    I haven't seen the Ali film yet. Any good?

    Now, you know me and the Underdog! I actually like Naseem as well. Mainly cause I followed his career from early days. I liked the style, as he fought like a Semi Contact points fighter. In that style you have to believe in yourself, and in your technique. I always got the impression that Naseem was telling himself how good he was, as much as he told other people. As for Ali being arrogant...........

    What is arrogance?

    Answers on another thread please. I just want to know who your favourite boxer is and why?

  7. Freeform

    Freeform Fully operational War-Pig Supporter

    Films to long, touches on to many subjects but doesn't delve into any of them much, if your having trouble sleeping.......
  8. Chazz

    Chazz Keepin it kickin TKD style

    I dont know if any of you watch the ladies box but there are 3 that i love to watch. Freeda Foreman, Jacqui Frazier, Laila Ali. They are all great boxers and Laila has to be the hottest boxer i have ever seen. If you get a chance check them out.
  9. stump

    stump Supersub

    Ricky Hatton is one of my favourites at the moment, my all time favourites would be Barry Mcguigan and Steve Collins......

    .....hey I'm Irish.....they were my boxing heroes as I grew up..... :)
  10. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter

    There can be only one :D

    Marvelous Marvin Hagler
  11. Spike

    Spike New Member

    A Younger Naseem Hamed was a great boxer, one he stopped being simply cocky and started believeing he was god`s gift to boxing he diminished a lot but when he started he might well have been the best boxer in the world.
  12. Joseki

    Joseki Valued Member

    I like Nigel Benn for i think that he was a great fighter and he had a great name Dark Destroyer !!!!!!
  13. morphus

    morphus Doobrey

    Theres only one!

    Rocky marciano - a human recking ball, nuff said.
  14. dragon_duplicat

    dragon_duplicat New Member

    Muhammad Ali-ooooh I'm so pretty!
  15. dragon_duplicat

    dragon_duplicat New Member

    And one more thing...please check out the movie "Ali."
  16. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.


    Have to say.....'Ali' the movie sucked the big one
  17. Freeform

    Freeform Fully operational War-Pig Supporter

    So you actually managed to watch all of it? I watched it in the cinema and had to steal Silvers Minsterls to eat to keep me awake!
  18. Silver_no2

    Silver_no2 Avenging Angel

    Bit unfair about "Ali". I thought that Will Smith acted the part of Ali very well. He got the personality spot on. The film lacked direction. It just meandered from one topic to another without actually getting anywhere.

    FreeForm you told me you were eating my minstrels because you were trying to look after my health!!!! You b*stard!!! :D
  19. Chazz

    Chazz Keepin it kickin TKD style

    I agree with silver. I thougth that Smith did a great job as Ali but i thought that they should have rethought the movie.
  20. Acekicken

    Acekicken Submission Fighter

    Carlos Ortiz He was awsome
    Before my time
    But i have seen many of his fights through Video
    He was Realy Good
    Best of Today Roy Jones jr

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