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Discussion in 'Weapons' started by Sonshu, Oct 28, 2002.

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  1. ZenPolice

    ZenPolice New Member

    My favorite (this week) is the Chinese broadsword, a.k.a. darn dao. I go through phases, but I usually come back to this swift, graceful and effective weapon. I like the katana for sheer beauty and elegance, but I still prefer the feel of the dao.

    In a self-defense situation, there is no weapon I would rather have than a pair of sticks. Even though I am mainly a kung-fu practitioner and have a relatively small amount of arnis training, I am more comfortable with sticks than any other weapon.

    Finally, my third weapon of choice is the three-sectional staff. This is a highly versatile weapon which can be used close-in or at long range. If I had to face a group of attackers, this is the weapon I would want in my hands (assuming an uzi was out of the question).
  2. akira2000

    akira2000 Valued Member

    My favirite weapon is.......................brain :D
  3. craftsman

    craftsman Valued Member

    Favorite "weapon"

    How about a "Carreau" with a 730 gram Petanque boule?

    Not normally considered to be a weapon, but very formidable and intimidating if you are "le Cochinet"!
  4. Stolenbjorn

    Stolenbjorn Valued Member

    Can you direct me to any Dojos teaching Brainwielding?
  5. Cougar_v203

    Cougar_v203 4th surgery....Complete!

    knife..nuff said.
  6. Albert

    Albert Banned Banned

    The sword is the most effective weapon.

    I like to practice with nunchaku too.

    Ok i take back the sword comment, the toilet paper roll used in the art of toilet-paper-fu is really the best weapon.
  7. Helena Handbask

    Helena Handbask New Member

    My fists, a weapon that can't be turned against me! :)
  8. Doublejab

    Doublejab formally Snoop

    Nunchucks. Theyjust flow sometimes, after awhile you don't even know what move you are going to do with them, it just happens.

    Great for coordination and if you strap the wrist weights on they provide a really superb muscular workout.

    I just love em, like the staff and tan tao as well but I think the chucks will always be my weapon.
  9. bum-eyes

    bum-eyes Sorry about your dog.

    Dai-Katana! Mwahahahaha :D
  10. Florida Warlock

    Florida Warlock Banned Banned

    I'd have to say the staff is my favorite. I also really like hook swords.

    I'm not an expert, but I doubt you can accurately select a 'most effective weapon'. Sai are formadible against bos, however not very effective against nunchaku. Every weapon has both a greater adversary and a lesser.

    However some weapons are more lethal than others, or are, at least, easier to get a kill shot with. In this case, a bladed weapon would be the most effective (you don't have to aim for specific places... you can just hack away :) ). This is still an extensive category, though. The sword is a favorite of many. There is also the Kwan Dao, and the fighting fan is an elegant but deadly weapon.
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  11. karate P.belt 2

    karate P.belt 2 New Member

    tough desiscion
    bo, sai, tonfa, and sword
    I don't have proper training with all of them but I do have self-training
  12. tekkengod

    tekkengod the MAP MP

    Albert. you won't be saying that when you try usinga sword against a proficent Sai weilder. :D

    you'll be bleeding and looking for your sword!!! :)
  13. Cudgel

    Cudgel The name says it all

    id gladly take on a sai weilder with my greatsword. When he tangles up my sowrd ill pull dager and stab him :D
  14. tekkengod

    tekkengod the MAP MP

    :cry: so cruel. ist it stored in the handle?

    not if i can manage to parry your ass and stab you in the throat!!! :D
  15. Cudgel

    Cudgel The name says it all

    wel asi wont be using my ass to fightg i got lost.......
    a dagger stored in a handle HAHAHAHAhAHAhA so not right. tricks liek that are peopl who cant fight. Ill just huck the sword with you sai tangled in teh cross and run away like a pansy and trow rocks in stead.
    Good old rock nothign beats rock, unless its a bigger rock.
  16. Stolenbjorn

    Stolenbjorn Valued Member

    Tekkengod; here's a reply to your sai vs greatsword that is not in sillymodus :rolleyes: :
    I think greatsword will winn (statistically, both users are equally good in fighting, etc. etc.)


    Because of reach; a greatsword i around 1,6 meters (or even sligthly longer; that equals roughly 65 inches, while a sai is shorter; (25 cm/10 inches?)

    Because of halfswording: A greatswordwielder can go to halfswording, and still have at least 20 inches of blade in front of the hand closest to you. In this position, he negates the speedadvantage you have (because of the leveridge given by having the hands placed as far as 30 inches apart (held a bit like a quarterstaff, and for those of you not familiar with greatswords and the consept of halfswording, think of staff-fighting, only that the saff is of sharp steel...)

    Because of strength: Because of the above mentioned leveridge, the greatswrodwielder will be able to power through most of your guards/stances.

    Because of options: You have basically one option (apart from running away) and that is to block and close in. The greatswordwielder will know this, and make his precautions. He have several options, to keep you at distance with stabbing and retreating, to close in on you in halfswording, to stay at a distance and try to chop your arms off when you decide to enter, etc (both of you can opt to throw your weapons as a diversive attack, btw, but that's cind of staking all on one card).

    Because of protection: I don't know why, but WHY DO JAPANEESE HATE PROPER HANDPROTECION ON THEIR BLADED WEAPONS???? I will never understand this, and in a fight between a sai and a greatsword, the sai will be much lousier at hoocking and stopping the greatswrodblade than-say a medieval european dagger, that have a crossguard calibrated and shaped for trapping and handeling serious force.
  17. tekkengod

    tekkengod the MAP MP

    Stolenbjorn: you have to remember a Sai is usually an extreamly high quality weapon {if you look around} because it is so highly defensive and was designed specifically to deal with swords. and the sai is custom made to the length of the users forearm nad then an inch. {15-23 inches} Mine are 20 1/2 inches. you seem to underestimate the Sai in terms of trapping and weapon locking. it is a very strong weapon. also, as far as throwinga great sword. feel free, easy to block, {might scare the hell out of most people} but easy to block, and now you are unarmed, you can throw a Sai very quickly with great accuracy and still have a weapon, also Sai are usually weilded in a trio, one in the waist band or on the back. I think you also underestimate the speed and offensive power {yes, even with a highly defensive weapon} in the hands of a competent, proficent weilder. The Sai is in my opinion, one of the most effective weapons ever made. I have sparred with all sorts of sword weilders while using sai {practice weapons of course} Great Sword, Straight Sword, spring steel lion head. Double blade. Katana. the only time i lost was against a bud weilding a pair of wakizashi. point being, trust me. the sai can more than handle most swords.
  18. Cudgel

    Cudgel The name says it all

    the reference to throwing the greatsword was when you deicde to block with the sais. I could use the prongs and get them locked up with the crossgaurd and siderings. Once you get locked up, which happens realy easily I know from experience, I toss teh sword with your weapon(s) locked up and proscede to pummel you or stab you repeatedly with my dagger. Never mind I would loe to see someone block a 4 to 7 pound hunk of sharp steel being hurled at their head. :D that and I doubt the greatsword weilders you have sparred with study the martial arts asociated with it. I do and so does stolenbjorn, although my art is better suited than his, no offence Stolenbjorn.
    And while I have not had the chance to saprr with a sai weilder I have gone against people using two swors/daggers or varying lengths
    Suc a pity you live in Texas. iouwld so love to sapr with you,friendly mind you blood tends to make carbon steels rust like mad.

    Ohand I dont doubt that sai can handle swords, seing how a jitte, which is a one pronged sai looking thing was used by poplice in Japan during teh feudal period to disarm or break rowdy samurai's swords.
  19. tekkengod

    tekkengod the MAP MP are right, i don't think i'll have too much blocking it if thrown full force at my body.

    but when you say lock up BOTH of my Sai, i have to throw that idea out the window.
    you may manage to lock that with a novice, but not a competent user.
    and remember that they are weilded in trios. or a quad set. good luck getting off such a lock twice, let alone once. Fortunately i've never had too much of a problem dealing with long reach weapons, i've delt with alot of Kendo and Iao guys as well as a few Thaunga-Ta guys, i will say that fighting a Halbred or Pole Arm with a pair of Sai is an up hill battle to understate. but it can be done. I have been lucky enough to spar some Great Sword weilders that were semi-proficent, but nothing out of the ordinary. I would love to spar you and Stolenbjorn as well, i'd have to bring out all my weapons and experiment :D
    no worries, i spar full contact MMA and MT most times, but any time weapons are involved, i'm a safety advocate, i try not to make a habit of getting stabbed and slashed on a weekly basis :)

    if you get the chance, spar with a proficent Sai weilder, you'll enjoy it, the speed, fluidity and power keeps everyone on their toes, and everyone always tells me how much fun it is to work against them. Sparring against a pair of short swords is i suppose the best alternative, but lack the whole lock up and added length.

    I used Jutte in the past, but i just didn't like them, there was always that side of my forearm that felt naked.
  20. Cudgel

    Cudgel The name says it all

    I think I am a little more than semi proficent with a greatsword. Not to be a braggert or anyhitng, im pretty sure I could get owned very easily by someone else but back with my last group I was considered to be a master with it adn the guy to go to if you wanted tolearn it. Which is strange because I honestly suck. But my groups had never ever had someone who used a greatsword it was meant to be used, and even then i didnt use it fully the way it shold be. A greatsowrd has a wicked fast stright on one handed thrust. I could probably hit somonthing a good ten or more feet away.
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