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Discussion in 'Weapons' started by Sonshu, Oct 28, 2002.

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  1. ap Oweyn

    ap Oweyn Ret. Supporter

    Yeah, but that only explains why a bo could be easily concealed in medieval Okinawa. If I saw some bloke walking around with a 6' oak staff in modern day DC, I'd be thinking "bo staff." Followed swiftly by some mental references to Napolean Dynamite. :)
  2. Moi

    Moi Warriors live forever x

    There is a way

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  3. ludde

    ludde Valued Member

    Whats a bo staff? A staff staff, one in each hand? Yes I am being sarcastic.
  4. CanFightIt

    CanFightIt Valued Member

    Nun-chucks are great to show off and if you practise you can really hurt people with them but they aren't that effective and are hard to carry around.

    Switchblade knifes are good too, peoples eyes always light up when you swing one out and makes the "swish swish" sound.

    But my fave is this batten I used to have, it was small but big enough to hurt. The other great thing about this batten is it had a knife blade inside it, as the end of the batten screwed off and you screwed the end back on for a fixed blade, it was very cool!
  5. Stickgrappler

    Stickgrappler Valued Member

    a stick for all around weapon as effective... but there are so many factors to consider, are you fighting in a phonebooth? in that case, a 26-36" stick/baton/cane is not as effective... know what i mean?

    i also love a pocket stick. very very useful for self-defense situations.
  6. TheMightyMcClaw

    TheMightyMcClaw Dashing Space Pirate


    Why on earth would you be concealing a katana or nunchaku on your presence in the first place? In case your ambushed by ninjas while on your way to the grocery store?
    This thread makes me cry.
  7. Langenschwert

    Langenschwert Molon Labe

    Happened to me on the way to band camp. You're reading it on the internet, so it must be true. I would have been toast, except for the pirates who showed up and backed me up. I then proceeded to disable said ninja with a wooden spoon and took their clarinets, for they were on the way to band camp too.

    Best regards,


    N.B. The ninja had clarinets because clarinets are black and therefore are more deadly and ninja-esque. No ninja would ever use a brass instrument because they're too shiny. Some ninja clans have been known to use the English Horn, but they are a rarity these days outside Japan. Just in case you wanted to know.
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  8. komuso

    komuso Valued Member


    you clearly know NOTHING about ninja horn players! Everyone knows that they use tubas exclusively.

    But only as projectile weapons.

    If they wanted to hit you with something it would definately have been tubular bells.

    Although they are admittedly hard to source in traditional ninja matt black.

  9. Moi

    Moi Warriors live forever x

    Do they still have them?:confused:
  10. jaspertjie

    jaspertjie Valued Member

    My favorite weapon has to be the Katana. I have created some ideas for good swords for my own martial art too. Of them I mostly like the Kulinor Geccen.
  11. Joseph1608

    Joseph1608 Valued Member

    ninja-to/sword, because they are awesome
  12. progdan

    progdan Valued Member

    At this stage I'd have to say my Eskrima Rattan... Mainly because that's the only one I've really been trained in... haha.

    I do very much like the concept of the staff, and also the short-stick, which can fit in your pocket, sounds like a very handy piece of equipment.
  13. Kobudo-man

    Kobudo-man Valued Member

  14. shootodog

    shootodog restless native

    no, they were just handy at that time really.

    i mean c'mon stuart! it's DC for holly's sake!!! it's a strange place where strange things happen (like bogus intelligence reports that prompt a nation to go to war). a bo weilding guy walking around should look normal enough!
  15. Shaolin-Fighter

    Shaolin-Fighter Valued Member

    my weapons of choice would be:

    short range- nunchaku, as long as you don't snap it back it'll do a heck load of damage to your opponent.

    medium range- chinese straightsword, easily cut a few tendons here and there :)

    long range- kwan tao, "kwan kuen takes a 1,000 heads," all i've got to say.

    but my favorite weapon for anything really would be a sea dragon cane, which basically is a shorter version of the bo staff.
  16. windtalker

    windtalker Pleased to return to MAP

    There is a matter of consideration about what the weapon is used for. If this is a general question then my compund bow wins hands down. While it's an excellent hunting weapon the bow is not so practical for using in a fight. Then I would have to say a knife. Many of the weapons commonly associated with the martial arts are not even legal to carry in many states. Here in Ky. things like a Katana or throwing stars are illegal for carry. Besides a number of those martial art type weapons are fairly large and would be difficult to conceal. The knife has proved a formidable weapon since the dawn of time and probably always will.
  17. fakii

    fakii Valued Member

    butterfly swords , Kali knoves and Ninja katana and other ninja stuff. coz they r the best for assassination for win the battle. ^_-
  18. surrealism

    surrealism trying to fit in

    fans cause they are different, perhaps not the best weapon out there but we are talking about what you like the most.

    also hook swords they are like metal hand extensions.
  19. fakii

    fakii Valued Member

    Well in that case i would like double black ninja swords and if its possible ( rocket luncer + M18 + Sinper + remote control bombs & mines) LMAO
    wahahaha jus kiddin..

    double black ninja swords + Shurikens & Clouds's sword ( that he used in final fantasy) 3 awords in 1. thats all
  20. Kuma

    Kuma Lurking about

    Traditional-wise, I love the tonfa. I started off loving the kusari fundo, then the bo and jo. Now I'm absolutely loving the tonfa, I think they're a fantastic weapon with tons of possibilties.

    Modern-wise, I love Glocks but only because I still haven't gotten to shoot a 1911A1 Colt .45 yet. Once I do I might have to call the engagement off with Glocks.
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