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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by SickDevildog, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. SickDevildog

    SickDevildog Lost In The Sauce

    What are your favorite plyometrics? I'm trying to find some new ones to add to my workout.

    Mine are Box Jumps, Squat jumps for height or distance and clapping pushups.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Giles Wiley

    Giles Wiley New Member

    Try adding some variations into your existing clap push-up and deph jump routine to make it more martial-arts specific.
    For the clap pushups - add in an extra clap behind the back - so that's one in front of the body and one behind = one rep. This drill is great for developing hand speed.
    For your depth jumps try adding in a heel tap (touching your heels together) or touching your hands to your toes.
    I also make many of my weight training movements as explosive as possible by adding in a small jump and stamp. You can check out a great exercise for building striking power at my web-site ( - I call it the KO wall-press and there's a downloadable video clip on my front page.
    Good luck with your training.
    Giles Wiley
  3. SickDevildog

    SickDevildog Lost In The Sauce

    Awseom advice, I appreciate it.

    It wont load the video/audio page.

    I do more than just those 2 excercises, right now I'm thinking about putting GPP and plyos in one session. Plyos would come before GPP.

    I use burpee combos (weighted and not weighted), and just read today in another threa about adding thrusting your feet up onto a wall, good stuff.

    Doing a catwalk up and down with your burpee would be killer :D

    I was just asking for other peoples favorites to see if I can find something useful.

    Here's a good site on plyos:

    Does anyone know any other MA specific plyos?

    How's that KO wall-press work? is it like a handstand pushup?

    Another question
    How do you structure your plyo training?
    with sets/reps, circuits, intervalls, pyramids? all of them?

    You shouldnt do plyometrics to failure, you wanna stay as fresh as possible right?
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  4. Geordie Boy II

    Geordie Boy II New Member

    Hi We do loads of plyo ex's. though i dont know why!! :bang:

    We do a stair session once a week.5 flights of stairs. Hopping on single legs to the top. Double legs, press ups. Partner grabs you legs...wheelbarrow style, then you do press ups all the way up. (bit like clap press ups...only you have to jump up each step. Killers)

    An interesting one is to get two thick crash matts. Put them lengthways and together. Then on your knees... starting at one end.. hop to the far end and back. Keep going till you drop. You'll feel it.

    Other slightly different things, which make you look daft but are great, are various crawling ex's. For example crawling on hands and feet (baby like but not using your knees.) Walk round the gym/ hall several times and you think your going to explode. Then go backwards, sideways. Try crab walking, (body facing up , and on your hands and feet) Go forward, backwards, sideways. They sound silly, but trust me, after you have done them you won't be laughing!!!!

    Finally we have a fitness routine we do. Pick out 2 points 20 meters apart. Starting at one end do ten press ups, then run to other line and back. Do this ten times. Thats one ex. Now without a break, do twelve ex's of your choice. Burpees, squats, lunges, high jumps, wide press ups, diamond press ups etc. It works out about 45 mins long, you run a number of miles, and do loads press ups etc. Great workout.

    Hope you try some of these and though you probably wont enjoy them :D you might included some of them in your workout.

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