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Discussion in 'Filipino Martial Arts' started by DeeTee, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. DeeTee

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    I'm inviting Yoda down to the London School Of Filipino Fighting Arts in London on November 16th to conduct a 1 day workshop on stickgrappling. Due to space restrictions numbers are limited to 10 participants. If you are interested in attending please send me a PM for further details.

  2. YODA

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    This one will fill up VERY fast guys - it's gonna be a good day :D
  3. Scotty Dog

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    oooooo stick grappling :) I can hear the cry's for mercy from here
  4. dredleviathan

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    What/where/who is the London School Of Filipino Fighting Arts? Is the club based in Brixton too DeeTee?
  5. DeeTee

    DeeTee Valued Member

    Mmmm... where do I start?
    An outline of my background is posted on the "FMA in Brentford" thread. I've been training 22 years and teaching for about 16. I represented Krishna Godhania in london for 6 years up until last year. Basically the school is what it says on the bottle. It's not an open class. I teach 4 guys, 2 are instructors from other FMA and thats about it. After seeing what happens when money becomes an issue in teaching over the years, I decided not to charge for tuition. Therefore, instruction in both class and privates is free. This way I can keep what I do "honest" (really sorry for the cliche!!). That's not to say that what others do is anything else, but we're all different and it just works better for me this way. SO, that basically what the LSFFA is about, as for location, we are based in Hammersmith. Anyones welcome to come down and have a look but if someone wants to train, I usually like to have a long chat with them first to see what's what. I hope this explains things.
  6. YODA

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    This has been rescheduled for November 23rd
  7. DeeTee

    DeeTee Valued Member

    Well, actually..............I'm still waiting to hear from the guy in charge of the hall about what dates he has available. The problem is because I'm a tight git and trying to keep the costs down and charge as little as possible, the hall is free and we don't want to keep hassling him about dates. I promise I'll give you a definite date within the next week.......or so! Sorry for the delay.
  8. YODA

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    No worries mate. As long as it's no earlier than that - It's looking like I'll be teaching a seminar in Stockport, Manchester in early November.
  9. DeeTee

    DeeTee Valued Member

    workshop details

    OK, for anyone who's interested here are the final details of Yoda's stickgrappling workshop. It will take place on Saturday 13th December from 12pm - 5pm at the following address:

    4th Walton-on-Thames Scout Group headquaters,
    Cottimore Lane,

    The cost for the day will be £35.00 (not bad for 5 hrs!!) and the course will cover crashing strategies, clinch work and stickgrappling (stand up to floor). Anyone interested please PM me.


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