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    From what I see, the instructor is Master Armando Liban.

    Here is the website:


    I have no knowledge of it other than the website, and no connection other than curiosity.
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    Interesting! Thanks Sunfish.
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    I apologize for necro'ing this thread. I once studied with Master Armando Liban mentioned in the post above. He has comprehensive knowledge of the traditional Yaw Yan curriculum which includes both armed and kickboxing components. Nowadays he teaches younger students but he makes time for more adult pupils (like myself).

    Mainly I have been instructed by Coach Rey Buhat based in Detroit, MI. Coach Rey's experience is strictly sport kickboxing so he doesn't touch on the weapon training in traditional Yaw Yan Fervilleon, nor the grappling/takedown aspects of Hybrid Yaw Yan. Involvement in competition has made learning muay thai necessary for him but he is most certainly a yaw yan fighter.

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