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Discussion in 'Filipino Martial Arts' started by wanlu99, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. wanlu99

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    Greetings my Friends...

    Kru Robert Valdez Head of MuayThai Philippines and a
    former Yaw-Yan
    Undefeated fighter just arrived form Thailand (June 15, 2004) from a
    World MuayThai
    Council and IFMA meeting...He gave me a call this morning
    informing me that
    he met the Editor of MuayThai Magazine and told him
    that the Yaw-Yan fighters who fought in Thailand and/or who fought
    against MuayThais
    are documented by the Thai Government...

    The editor will feature
    Yaw-Yan in the
    MuayThai Magazine
    including photos of Emiliano Zapata
    who defeated
    Bam Boon Lamban (Not sure of spelling)at the Rizal
    Memorial Coleseum in Manila, Philippines over a Full Capacity Crowd.

    That fight night featured two MuayThais sent by the
    Thai Embassy to
    fight 2 Filipinos. The first MuayThai KOd the first
    Filipino fighter
    from a different style... The 2nd
    fight which was
    the main event of that evening featured The pride of
    Yaw-Yan, Sir Emiliano
    Zapata who won against the brave Thai fighter...who was just astonished with Zapatas fast and unorthodox kicks, not to mention the power that goes with it.

    Im now tasked to recover photos of that night...and
    once I have it,
    Yaw-Yan will soon be featured in a MuayThai Magazine
    whereYaw-Yan will
    get the exposure it needs. The Serious exposure that we

    Mabuhay ang Yaw-Yan

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  2. Tika

    Tika New Member

    tsk tsk tsk someones gonna get in trouuuubblleeeee...
  3. wanlu99

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    Tika 1980

    tsk tsk tsk someones gonna get in trouuuubblleeeee...

    Whats the problem dude!!!

  4. alexxlea

    alexxlea Valued Member

    the problem is you repeat posted this thread like 99999 times.
  5. Tika

    Tika New Member

    I prefer dudette thank you very much :D
  6. wanlu99

    wanlu99 Yaw-Yan and MuayThai Fan

    So Sorry...

    I didnt mean to repeat post at the same Category...My sincerest apologies dudes and dudettes...

    I was trying to post it at both FMA and ThaiBoxing Categories

    Again...so sorry.

  7. Tika

    Tika New Member

    I love it, that just made my night... *HUG*

    Just be careful, I think posting the same thing even in seperate forums is considered cross posting or something like that. You dont wanna get on the mods bad side :D, thats a scary place.
  8. shootodog

    shootodog restless native

    boss wanlu,

    don't cross post. maybe it would be better just to write an article and submit it to the mods for the website. pm juramentado or yoda.

    mabuhay ang yaw-yan!
  9. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    Just wondering.

    Is this a Thai match?

    I see the fighter has instep pads on!
  10. Kwajman

    Kwajman Penguin in paradise....

    Andy, good call about the pads!

    Tika, you crack me up....
  11. Tika

    Tika New Member

    Im glad someone finds me entertaining kwaj :)

    PS check your pm's, youre in need.
  12. wanlu99

    wanlu99 Yaw-Yan and MuayThai Fan

    Just wondering.

    Is this a Thai match?

    I see the fighter has instep pads on!

    No Mr Andy...the picture above is not the fight between Emiliano Zapata and Bam Boon Lamban (Not sure of spelling) the picture you see above is Zapata winning over an honorable man -Tisoy Siscon of Bakbakan International

    Im still searching for photos of that MuayThai fight...if do find it, Ill post it here. However, Ive seen photos of that fight and both fighters were wearing elbow pads...bacause that was practically the first ever MuayThai fighter seen in action in Manila...it was in the early 1980's the time when Kickboxing fights in Manila does not allow knees and elbow strikes...

    Re picture above...yes both fighters were wearing pads since its the rules of the officiating body...the now disbanded Philippine Footboxing Federation (PFBF)

    Emiliano Zapata has a record of 105 Undefeated fights ...it would be an honor if you could visit his unofficial site at




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  13. Tika

    Tika New Member

    Why do you attatch unrelated pictures to half your posts wanlu?
  14. wanlu99

    wanlu99 Yaw-Yan and MuayThai Fan

    Re Pictures

    So sorry again...gosh Im doing a lot of no nos ...just thought attaching picures would make it more interesting...

    Wont happen again...will only attach a photo if its appropriate

    Thanks Tika...

  15. Tika

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    its a learning process wanlu.... if you wanna post pics to make it more interesting, it might be best to post the link to a pic online, that way its not a bandwith sucker.... unless of course the pic is appropriate to the thread and it is not already published ont he web..... ;)
  16. wanlu99

    wanlu99 Yaw-Yan and MuayThai Fan


    Got it Tika...thanks much.

    I appreciate your comments and suggestions and Im really grateful

  17. wanlu99

    wanlu99 Yaw-Yan and MuayThai Fan


    Got it Tika...Im worried about this repley cause I tought I posted this earlier already but it didnt appear...

    Anyway...my debt of gratitude to you for taking time to post messages for me...I hope you to hear more from you...but I hope I wont do more mistakes...


  18. Tika

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    haha, youre funny. It appeared, just on a second page :D.... nooobs...lol... and youre quite welcome :)

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