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    Now Frodo...you know Stargate, Star Trek and all that aren't really real right?
    I suppose you wash your "quark cheese" down with a "pan-galactic gargle blaster"? :)
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    :eek: What do you mean not real?! :wow: Of course they're real, I've seen them on the TV with the rest of the reality show! They must be real! :mad:

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    So just a quick update after last nights training.

    Was chatting to instructor about a few things and he mentioned since there is an abundance of higher grades he is thinking of setting up an occasional addition training sessions for the higher ups. He said once it was set up that I could join soon providing only that I don't get addicted to crack cocaine. I'm taking this as a good sign.

    Also, I found some quark cheese. Shall try it out. Although now I'm not sure of what exactly to do with it since I no longer eat bread.
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    I mix quark with fruit, cinnamon and yoghurt for breakfast (or for a snack).
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    Well it’s been a while since I updated this. And to be honest I don't really know what went on in the meantime. And while I can't identify exactly what went on I know a hell of a lot has happened.

    To summarise, I have a few things to aim for this year. A large amount of things in fact. It was originally just aiming to do well at this grading. But then a bunch of really awesome competitions have appeared that sound really fun to enter. So my goals haven't changed but rather they have been added to. In addition, I have added more competition style training to my regimen.

    It also means that the weight loss I have mentioned earlier probably has to come a little bit quicker than I had originally planned. This isn't necessarily a negative thing but it does mean I don't have to work harder. But to be honest I'm finding that I'm getting much more of a negative reaction to bad foods in general.

    I offer advice on another thread about cutting weight rather quickly because there is a competition coming up in the next month and I would like to be in the lighter weight class. This is going to be the aim of me for the rest of the year. In other words reduce the weight class I in for a number of martial arts competitions. This is going to be tricky and I am not going to be upset if I don't make it in all of them. This is because I plan on competing in at least three different martial arts. It's going to be a hectic schedule but at least they should have some fun. My only problem now is trying to find competitions that avoid the elimination draw. Why don't mind losing because I generally enter competitions experience anyway. I do mind paying a decent amount in entry fee is an only getting one fight as a result of an unlucky draw.

    So lay off the Mars bars righty and go get training.

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