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Discussion in 'Boxing' started by Shantari, Jan 8, 2005.

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    Guys, how do you wrap your wrists? I just started boxing and i would like to know how you wrap your fists/wrists. They way i know is this. Pull wrap across palm then behind and around your wrist once, then back up to your knuckles and evenly wrap that about 3 times. wrap around thumb twice and then finished what ever is left off at my wrist(evenly though). My friend said your not supposed to do that because, the wrap will slide off your knuckles, he said that u should wrap some in btwn. ur fingers to keep this from happening, he also said to cut an extra wrap in half, fold it, and put it on your knuckles for extra padding, the thing is, my wraps arent long enough for the finger in btwn. thing. Is he right or what? How do you do it, what do you prefer?
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    I would DEFINITLY recommend the ribbon way, ive tried a few diffrent types, and my instructor once showed me that ribbon way displayed on that website above, but in a slightly diffrent order, with the ribbon being the first thing. My fists felt like rocks after that.

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