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Discussion in 'Boxing' started by belltoller, Sep 5, 2013.

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    it's no secret that Floyd uses xylocaine on his hands, which under NSAC rules is not illegal. In other states it is however. All of these guys getting popped for steroids and people are really worried about a guy is using on his injuries? I got news for you... most if not ALL of these guys in MMA and boxing are using PED's.
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    MMA and boxing.

    That's a big claim. Can you provide statistics, or is this just your belief?

    Remember MMA and boxing are much bigger sports at domestic level, so are you saying that the majority of amateurs are using performance enhancing drugs?
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    Lamont Peterson tests positive for synthetic testosterone

    Andre Berto tests positive for nandrolone

    Shane Mosley admits to using "the clear" in previous fights

    Peter Quillen vs Winky Wright was supposed to have testing... after Wright had paid 10k to have extra testing done, the Quillen camp then decided they did not want to do random testing and his first sample was thrown away.

    J Leon Love vs. Gabriel Rosado: Even though most agree Rosado won the fight, Love got the decision and then turned up dirty for steroids.

    Of course Cris Cyborg turned up dirty... wow, I know i'm surprised.

    I have a friend who is a reporter, but I cannot say who he is or who he writes for.... so I do get a fair amount of info when it comes to this stuff.

    There are just some examples. Guys are always trying to get 1 step ahead of the next.

    Marquez is HIGHLY in question after his KO of Pacquaio, who himself has been in in question after ducking testing for a fight with Floyd Jr. Of course the reasons are obvious why both would be in question.
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    I forgot to add, does this fighter or that one claiming these guys are using mean hard evidence? No it doesn't, so aside from those who have been caught, the ratio is not very high. I admit that in the past I had considered steroids, but not for PE uses... Deca for instance boosts the body's ability to produce collagen and therefore can give relief of pain as well as accelerated healing abilities. EQ can also do the same. The problem is that #1, due to my religion I could not in good confidence use something illegal. #2 what most people who do use steroids fail to realize is that you pretty much ALWAYS have to use testosterone as a base for any cycle because test can dry you out by itself, however, use something like Deca alone and your test levels will drop significantly to the point of test shut down. I know so many people who just pop a few tabs of this or that and really think they know what they are doing, when they actually are putting themselves at GREAT risk.
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    LOL, I was thinking more along the lines of some sort of exotic Tiger Balm with real tiger bone innit, or something.

    Didn't know about the xylocaine or its legal status with respects to athlete use.

    Ya, if I were to guess, PED's are not just rampant in combat sport ( competitive that is, not applying it to those who study MAs for its own sake ) but in many other fields as well.

    Noticed some of those golfers' lookin pretty buff lately...
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    Lance Armstrong got away with it through what? 7 Tour de France championships? Travis Tygart of the USADA stayed after him for many years and knew he was up to something and he was right.

    There are sooooooooooo many new drugs out there now and not only that, but the more new they are, the harder they are to detect. People are sneaky and do all sorts of things that make them hard to catch.
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    Just wait until they figure out how to inhibit myostatin production (protein that regulates muscle growth). They won't be using a substance to grow their muscles then, they'll be using a substance to stop a natural production of something that stops growth written in the genes.
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    Unregulated - as in uncontrolled - muscle growth...hmmm...sounds like a cancer of Frankensteinian proportions...
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    oh well... it's wrong, but I look at it as a part of all sports now.
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    It will become a horrendous Pandora's box. As much because of the monstrosity that will be, in the future, created and empowered for the purpose of detection and eradication as the thing itself.

    The one will need the other - and they will both need to be fed. Another specimen of symbiotic perfection bloated and corrupt to the core.
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    well just think of top rank for a minute, bob arum has said that he would not allow manny to do the testing (he's gone back and forth on that statement of course) now they are more willing to take the fight? Why is that? Is it because arum knows that his guy who is suspected by steroids got beat by another guy suspected of steroids? Either way with that KO there is little chance manny will be the same. arum is hoping manny gets by rios, which he should, so he can try to finally agree to the tests and feed manny to Floyd. Had manny been smart he would have taken floyds offer of 40 million with no ppv cut. That would have been his highest pay day ever.
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