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    Fans of mine, that includes everyone who is reading this or perhaps even glanced at the home page and noticed that I've started a new thread, will know that I am off to Japan soon.

    Anyway, a few weeks back I watched "Justin Lee Collins - Turning Japanese" on Five, where he was spirited away to Japan, seeing it through "Western eyes".

    In one of the episodes his translater and himself ate, amongst other things "Beef Tongue Ice Cream", "Wasabi Ice Cream" and my favourite, fresh squid sashimi that was still twitching and squirming because of the salts in the soy sauce.

    So, being inquistive and with broadband and a will, I decided to see what goodies I could indulge myself when I am over there. However, my search led me here:


    The site contains graphic crap food from around the world (not just Japan) and may contain the odd swear here and there. (Viewer discretion is advised, always read the label and save the children).
    Enjoy. :cool:
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  3. invisi

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    I've tried snake, chicken and pork intestines, chickens feet, pork blood, durian.

    You should check the Andrew Zimmern wierd food from around the world programs on youtube. There are some really disgusting foods on there; like rancid meat preserved in animal fat, rotten tofu.

    Out in the east i read that pickled eggs in horses urine and preserved cockroaches is a delicacy...Yuk

    Closer to home... In Italy I once saw 'Spaghetti bologneise' icecream.
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  4. Moi

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    Why? Just why?
  5. Toki_Nakayama

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    i tried squid.....made me throw up. cant hold it down.

    went to one of them traditional Korean fishing towns and tried octupus....they cook it live an while the waitress was holding it, it was staring at me, then when she dropped it in the pot, they make this seemingly wierd screaming sound.

    walked by a vendor during a festival and something smelled like chocolatey coffee, got a cup of it and i thought the stuff in it were some sort of confection as i put it to my mouth my friend said "Oy! you got Silkworm larvae! enjoy!" yuck.
  6. invisi

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    Why do I want to know you?
    Why do people want know?
    Why is it there a left and a right?
    Why is it that when people open a 'can of worms', can't take the heat, they runaway and blame it on the can?
    Why do people make a big thing about nothing?
    Why do people have identity issues?
    Why do people act?
    Why do people want to be 'cool'?
    Why do strangers want to be my friends?
    Why do people see enemies?
    Why are people like that?

    Why is this thread here?

    Why do other people from other cultures eat the food of other cultures? Because they are tourists; maybe wanting to be a bit adventerous. Why not as long as they pay for the food that they ate.

    Why not?
  7. Moi

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    After the nonsense you get to the point. I can think of a few reasons but if that's what makes people happy then go for it. Does sound a bit like the person who has to have the hottest curry/chilli as a bravado thing which I've never understood but maybe I'm just a bit low on testosterone or don't think it's big or clever
  8. invisi

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    Sorry about the nonsense. was having one of those moments; that triggers the despair in me. Must of come from watching some TV...blah, and my nosy busybody neighbours.

    Yeah some of that food is disgusting.

    Intestines though is nice...its got a creamy texture and light flavour, not bitter at all. Its like eating chicken livers.

    Once saw veal intestines in Sicily never tried it, would like to; garnished with lemon juice, oil and black pepper. Uhhh...looks so delicious
  9. Moi

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    It's just not me. I suppose the worst ingredients come with economy stamped on them and a preformed into burgers and sausages. Don't eat them either.
  10. Mushroom

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    I've yet to try the Korean delicacy of eating live octopus (as seen in Oldboy)

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lv_OxuZzIxY"]YouTube - Oldboy "Eating Live Octopus" - Behind The Scenes[/ame]
    (more impressivly the actor is a vegetarian for religious reasons and prayed for a long time before doing that scene)

    When I went to Guilin my Mrs' town had a restaurant called King Cow's Head. And thats all they served! Chopped up cows head on a griddle and a stew. Including brains, eyes and jellied blood.
    That was just straight up weird.

    Pigs blood congee is the norm in Chinese culture, some people are repulsed by it. But its no different to just general offal. I hate livers
  11. brendo

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    My worst was duck tounge when I was in China. The worst I have heard of was live baby mouse.

    Has anyone tried the rotten shark from Iceland which is reputed to taste of urine?

  12. invisi

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    Yeah...thats the crap food in the UK. Don't forget the bog standard lamb doners; salty, what cuts of meat???. A good doner is a schwarma; layered meat in the cut. Better still.

    Eaten the economy stuff. I've even cooked economy burgers in the microwave. That is even more disgusting. Good chilli sauce masks the flavour.

    Bear Grylls; now this guy is a sick:

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOvF4n7-5F4"]Man vs Wild drinks camel poo juice[/ame]
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  14. Moi

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    The trouble many exotic foods is in tge cookingand/or preparation. As a nation we have, until quite recently, over cooked everything just to be on the safe side.
  15. Southpaw535

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    Can't argue with that. I'd only eat this sort of stuff in the proper country anyway I don't trust shops/vendors anyhwere near enough over here
  16. invisi

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    Saw this on a documentary once. The guy curing said that village urinate on the meat too.

    You don't want to get hold of balut here and eat it; its illegal. You want to go over there and eat it. The real deal.
  17. Moi

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    Ill sort him out later on in the summer
  18. Southpaw535

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    Really? Seems a wierd thing to ban.

    I beleive you, but I'm also scared for some reason.
  19. invisi

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    What's that supposed to mean exactly?

    answer expected.
  20. Southpaw535

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    I don't get why balut would be illegal over here

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