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Discussion in 'Boxing' started by Nettey04, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. Nettey04

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    A friend of mine who studied MT is now studying TKD with me. The last time we sparred my instructor said that he is at a brown belt level in sparring (with his hands). I could hang with him because I have better kicks than he does(we do not kick below the belt for right now),but I need some hand work. What are somthings that I can do on my own that will help. I have a heavy bag, speed bag, and headache bag. Right now I just punch them with no format. Is their any drills or combos that helped you improve you hands as far as speed and power defensivly and offensivly? :bang:
  2. lamegrappler

    lamegrappler plays bongos well

    shadow boxing can help a great deal.why don't you ask your friend to help you with your hands.
  3. Nettey04

    Nettey04 Valued Member

    My friend still works with his sifu (pardon the spelling if wrong) from time to time and I have not been invited, and we have a silent comp going between the two of us. Thanks on the shadow boxing tip I will spend more time on it.
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    Take up boxing.
  5. lamegrappler

    lamegrappler plays bongos well

    yeah,if it's ok with your master and you could find a boxing gym you should look into it.alot of people i train with do the same thing.

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