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Discussion in 'Boxing' started by DragonDude, Apr 16, 2005.

  1. seikido

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    What a myth about women's boobs. Check out the fitness mags, they all have fake breasts--this is simply because when you lose fat your breasts shrink. Hilary Swank commented that the most surprising thing about training for Million Dollar Baby was that she lost her boobs.
  2. Jamo2

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    I know plenty of skinny women with wicked breasts, and they aint fake.
  3. Drunken Miss Ho

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    I think you're a bit too young to be a trusted authority on breasts already :rolleyes:
  4. Jamo2

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    Ah touche! But i know enough to get by, trust me. ;)
  5. Yukimushu

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    I feel this thread is drifting somewhat :rolleyes:

    It's really supprising to read that both Ali and Joe Frazier weren't so supportive of womens boxing at one time (back in 78) - weather they're opinions have changed since then (especially considering Ali's daughter is a professional womens boxer).
  6. Jimmy Jitsu

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    Woman's boxing ooo yeah!!!

    I am a firm believer that if two people want to hit ten bells out of each other in the name of sport they should be allowed to do it. As long as they are fully aware of the consequences. People often believe that woman in boxing is a new thing it is not in fact women fighters go back to pugilism days. There were even female gladiators. Us men often mistaken woman to be the weaker sex which is not the case. The only differenec is where muscles are more prominate on the body i.e. woman have strong leg muscles and men have strong upper body muscles. Women are also better at enduring pain than men. Have a look at child birth. The difference is really pyscological when it comes to fighting; men often fight to prove something or in order to bring control to the situation, when women fight it is often down to survival or to protect a loved one. Often a woman's fight in the street is much more savage than a mans. A man will generally kick and punch and wrestle of overcome the other man. Woman will bitch slap and stratch the hell out of each other. If any of you out there are doormen if a fight breaks out in your club / bar who would you rather break up fighting two men or two women. I even think that if the competitors want to there should be unisex fights.
  7. Drunken Miss Ho

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    Warning- Bruce Lee reference ahead- :rolleyes:
    There's some Bruce Lee footage taken from a tv show he was on, and he's having to explain to the guy he's training that if someone has their legs wrapped around his head, he should just bit them on the ankle. The guy is like "What?? I can bite him?" I think in general women tend to not have that mental block, if they're trying to defend themselves (and they have no formal training) they're more likely to resort to any means necessary.
  8. Helena Handbask

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    If you want to box, then you may as well go the whole 10 yards!
  9. pollon7

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    there is some girl who practical boxe?

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