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Discussion in 'Kuk Sool' started by tulsa, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. tulsa

    tulsa Valued Member

    I was just noticing something... I did a quick count off the WKSA site and only found 100 listed schools in the USA. Is this count accurate? If so the schools have dropped like flies. If the WKSA is still growing strong then should this number not be greater? How many Non-WKSA (renegade) schools are out there? I know there has been threads that try to list the schools but I know of several that have never been mentioned. Anyone want to guess?:evil:
  2. MACA

    MACA Valued Member

    well I imagine you would need to have a previous school count and subtract...that can give you a rough estimate
  3. VegasMichelle

    VegasMichelle Valued Member

    Yeah, an unfortunate use of the word "renegade."

    1. renegade - someone who rebels and becomes an outlaw
    2. renegade - a disloyal person who betrays or deserts his cause or religion or political party or friend etc.


    If the WKSA has been successful in dropping disloyal entities, it probably has gotten stronger.


    Oh must we go down this path again ?

    Some stayed, some left.

    I wish them all well .
  5. tulsa

    tulsa Valued Member

    I agree but why the low number now. In the 90's the US count was well above 130 schools. Now 100. All I have been hearing from the WKSA guys and girls, is the WKSA is as strong as ever and growing. These numbers to me seem that the WKSA is still strong but in a state of limbo. Can anyone state the reason for there slowing growth. I have a few thoughts ( but since I am an "OUTSIDER" looking in they really do not mean much to the facts. I do think that it could be that since now you have to be a 2nd dan to open a school, the "Legal System" that the WKSA is so proud of makes it mandatory that the person applying for opening a school has to pay for there own back ground check and other things make it not as appealing to people to open a school. Not saying these things are bad at all, but just more things that the BB has to jump through. Some of these things I totally agree with. Maybe it is just the economy but some how I feel like is more than that.
  6. tulsa

    tulsa Valued Member

    Definition of RENEGADE

    : a deserter from one faith, cause, or allegiance to another

    ADJ: : having rejected tradition

    These I like better!

    source: merriam-webster

    A renegade from a let's say al-Qaeda would be considered a HERO?!? It all depends on which side your on.
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  7. hwarang cl

    hwarang cl The Evil Twin

    WKSA is growing, new schools are smaller. More instructors are having to work day jobs, so the concept of a club or part-time school works better than the school model of the past. Which was to have as many students as you could fit into a hall.
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  8. VegasMichelle

    VegasMichelle Valued Member

    A renegade from the al Qaeda terrorist organization is still a terrorist. How about being on neither side? In any case, if you have rejected tradition...is the brand of KS you practice no longer a traditional Korean martial art? Its almost like you dont even want to go "old school KS," rather, reject it and form your own school/art.

    Yeah, yeah...this is probably not what you meant either. But instead of simply agreeing with me that it was merely an unfortunate use of the word, you dig yourself further into a hole.

    As for the WKSA, simply counting schools at any given moment is a shortsighted and injudicious way of looking at things. In this world of fleeting organizations and pop-up entities, there is something to be said about longevity. 50+ years and 200+ (100+ in the US alone) schools speaks volumes. So when a disgruntled former member, who does not even have a school anymore, states that WKSA "schools have dropped like flies"...it sounds like sour grapes in the best of times and trolling in the worst of times.
  9. tulsa

    tulsa Valued Member

    VM you seem to love to attack people personally. I have NEVER said that to anyone. You must get a kick out of doing so. It is nothing to me.

    If in this world perception is large not shortsighted. I was given people a chance to chime in and state their reasons on why. Instead YOU just attack attack attack. I find this very (in your words) an injudicious to the topic at hand.

    hwarang cl stated that there are mores schools just smaller. Then I ask again why are they not listed on the WKSA web site? You can not tell me that small part time schools are not listed because they are. If hwarang cl's statement is true it "looks" worst than I thought. For the WKSA's sake I hope for it's growth.

    Just FYI, I personally think the Colonist that stated America where RENEGADES! Do you call them BAD SEEDS?
    GOD BLESS AMERICA! NOT long live the king/queen. (for all my BROTHERS in the UK, nothing personal but I would rather live here):evil:

    ps VM you sound like the WKSA's PR person on MAP. But you are soooo negative. I try not to be negative, I bring forward topics I want to know about and then instead of joining the debate you find fault with out first hand knowledge. You seem to tell me that I am unworthy to make comments. You have never met me and took time to talk to me, train with me, or anything. So we can start off better knowing each other better, what rank are you? What state do you train in? How long have you been in the WKSA? Do you own a school? Do you work for the WKSA? What is your "regular job?' How old / young are you? I am not asking for your SSN number or anything just more info on you.
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  10. VegasMichelle

    VegasMichelle Valued Member

    You are the one who started this negative thread and set the tone from the onset.

    me, me, me...lol. I guess its all about you, huh?

    I have moved alot but started KS in 1984 in the Bay Area. Because I have moved around alot, there has not always been a KS school so I picked up other arts when I could. I never claimed to be master-ranked (even though many who started with me in 1984 or even some who started after me are KJNs now) nor have I ever claimed to be a schoolowner. I have a both a JD and a MD...so issues concerning law and medicine that arise, I have chimed in. I have taught at many levels: high school, college, grad/med school, post-doc and professionals. I am also proudly an officer in the US Army Reserves, Medical Corp since 1996. I do not work for the WKSA and I do not bill them hours for work in medicine, law or education. All of this has been covered in other threads, FYI.

    I am a firm believer in elevated education models. You claim to be an educator so I asked you what your normative education model was...a question you dodged. This was in the thread where Bruce Sims and I were discussing education models (ie John Dewey's progressive education models and how they apply to Martial Arts) and you chimed in with babble. LOL.

    Look, if you left the WKSA and said nothing more....fine. But once you start bashing it and set up criticism of instructor standards and the educational approach by the WKSA, you open yourself up to criticism by those same standards. Trying to insinuate that the WKSA has been weakened and not strengthened by starting a thread counting the number of US schools is nothing more but a weakly disguised dig.
  11. slipthejab

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    How about we name this the bitch and moan thread? Or the nitpick it to death thread? Or the let's drag any KSW thread down into inane quibble thread.

    Surely you lot can't figure the constant moaning does anything good for KSW or it's variants right? It never fails to amaze me to see all the infighting, quibbling and bickering that goes on ... it's like a punch up full of clowns. You guys should team up with the ninjas. You'd fit right in. Battle Royale of flim flam.

    Have you guys ever had a single thread that doesn't descend into bickering? Seriously.:rolleyes:
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  12. Obewan

    Obewan "Hillbilly Jedi"

    Or the try to tear down a successful entity thread because you can't come to grips with your own short comings. Reminds me of the new Taylor Swift song lyric ...people throw stones at things that shine"...
  13. Jindotgae

    Jindotgae Valued Member

    VM, why must you continuousley go down this road. i dont think anybody cares anymore. cant we all just talk about kuk sool and get along?

    theres an old saying... i think it starts something like "if you've got nothing worth saying..."
  14. Jindotgae

    Jindotgae Valued Member

    im a current WKSA member and i in no way considerd this thread negative towards our organization in anyway. It was just a question about how many non WKSA schools there are in the US now and what our opinion is on apparently 'dwindling' school numbers. :cool:

    -J :hat:
  15. VegasMichelle

    VegasMichelle Valued Member

    Uh, I didn't start this thread but I get your point. So what about KS do you want to talk about?

    Then you haven't been paying attention. I would probably agree with you if this was the OPs first such post. But when a pattern of disgruntled anti-WKSA posts is establish, there is no reason to believe this thread was started with no ill-intent.
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  16. Jindotgae

    Jindotgae Valued Member

    ahh thats better. to be honest i really enjoy talking about more old school things e.g in the red KS textbook theres a picture of GM IHS on a horse with a trident! epic stuff, id like to know more. so basically id like to educate myself on things by using the wealth of knowledge from other users on this forum to further enlighten myself. also it would be nice for this forum to not be so scary.:yeleyes::yeleyes::yeleyes::yeleyes:

    ahh see you question the integrity of my attention but i only read whats worth reading on here!
    i cant help but point out that its things like this why we have lost so many valuble posters, and probably the reason we dont get many newbies on here... and also it would be nice to have a thread where a moderator doesnt turn up and shake their head in dissapointment at our childish bickering.

    -J :hat:
  17. Hyeongsa

    Hyeongsa The Duelist

    ......this is why I don't come on MAP but once every other month at this point. People use to discuss the future of Kuk Sool and skills being taught.

    There are many break off groups:

    Kuk Sool Do
    Kuk Sool Kwan
    Mu Sool Won
    Chung Do Mu Sool Won
    Moon Mu Do
    Hanminjok Hapkido
    Kung Jung Mu Sul
    Kung Jung Mu Sul Hapkido
    Kuk Sool of (insert school name)
    Dae Han Kuk Sool Won Hapkido
    Kuk Sool Hapkido
    Kuk Sul Do
    Maha Kuk Sool Federation

    Each style group does the same thing with different principles emphasized. Know what? It's all Kuk Sool. Hope that helps.
  18. tulsa

    tulsa Valued Member

    Sorry No "ill-intent" to start with. But it does seem that you always have a negative thing to say. I asked a simple question and BOOM! It seems to me that you are a little short fused on anything that you deem anti WKSA, even if it is not. Again this is just my thoughts. :evil:

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