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    goat milk IS delicious though.
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    Some Chinese arts (depending on the instructor) come with their own year-round dietary guidance that changes with the five classical Chinese seasons (winter, spring, summer, late summer, autumn) and the five classical elements. Basically, certain foods are supposed to be good at certain times of the year but not necessarily others. Some are "fire element" foods (spices, peppers), some are more yang than yin (e.g. meat). The Chinese observed the effects of various foods on people's health and fitness and created these rules for year-round eating, and interestingly they are preserved by TCM as well as a number of traditional MA schools. All in all, it tends to be pretty decent nutritional advice by 2014 standards, right down to basics like avoiding the over consumption of sugar, alcohol, or fried/spicy food.

    According to Chinese food "energetics", the consumption of even a little meat is believed (by some) to imbalance the martial artist. However others would argue that according to the same theories, the absence of meat also imbalances the martial artist, making them too Yin, and that the correct diet should be the proper balance of both meat and vegetables (which is also 21st century common sense).

    An interesting historical misconception about meat consumption is that many people point to the Shaolin and claim they were strictly vegetarians due to their Buddhism, and that it was crucial to developing Shaolin quan. But, historical records actually show while Shaolin did take those kinds of vows, quite a number of ordained monks and secular Shaolin disciples regularly ate meat. So, the vow was commonly broken. (Shahar)

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    Speaking as someone raised on a dairy farm

    I'd rather drink turpentine.
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    well i was also spent a significant amount of time my family's goat farm. in my view goat milk makes superior drinking milk, cheese and yogurt.

    also, goat might just be the most delicious animal ever raised by humans.
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    Oh great,the goatherd and the stanchion swamper. I'd invite ya for a drink but the bar where people don't take off their barn boots before entering closed last year.(I ain't kiddin' 'bout that bar!)

    I'll vote swine over the mutton,Jeff.

    I do like the cheeses,tho'.Go figure.

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