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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Fujian Animal, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. Fujian Animal

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    what is good way to practice health and diet as wing chun practitioner? what is good way to gain weight and stay good shape? what for weight training, strengthening lungs and increase chi flow? how develop strong neck, shoulders, arms and legs? especially wrists and forearms, ankles and groin muscles for proper flexibility? how is good healthy way to strengthen back, particularly lower back and stomach muscles? and how is proper way to practice yee chi kim yeung ma for strength and balance, like position of footwork for taller practitioners?
  2. philosoraptor

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    Lift heavy objects, stretch in funky positions and eat all of the animals.

  3. Fujian Animal

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    was told stretching is bad way to start routine but should do warmups before stretching nowadays for safety

    also told to avoid heavy weight training but to lift medium weight or sometimes just the bar when training

    is animal meat really good for you? was told to avoid red meats and fatty foods how much is true for wing chun?
  4. MSNS

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    The weight you lift depends on your goals. Lifting "heavy" (1-3 reps) weight will increase strength and power, and you WILL NOT gain muscle size. Lifting "medium" (8-12 reps) weight or "hypertrophy" will increase muscle size. I wouldn't recommend using just the bar unless you're focusing on your form. In general, strength training is best for functional and athletic performance, and hypertrophy is for muscle size (bodybuilding). Also, do mostly compound exercises, or exercises that use multiple muscles i.e Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press, Pull ups, Shoulder Press.

    Your are correct that eating less red meats is good for you, but fat is an essential nutrient in your diet. Fat is good for you, especially healthy fats in nuts, avocado, vegetable oils...eating some healthy fats can even result in burning body fat!
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  5. Simon

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    Passive stretching isn't the norm now, we generally do dynamic stretching to warn up, although I do still include a few favourite passive stretches.

    Red meat is fine.

    Animal fats are fine too.
  6. Mushroom

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    There is no specific diet for WC. No such thing as "eat more _xx__ = better forms"

    General good healthy diet with added good exercise is fine. Just not in excess.

    Nothing wrong with lifting heavy weights or anything like that. If it increases strength then awesome! (of course to be done correctly, unless you want to be injured).
    Its not like you're skinny, do a week of heavy lifting and suddenly you're Terminator Arnie.
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    I've heard being a vegetarian is very good for Wing Chun. Don't think you will just from my word but , it's something you could practise for a day or few. Food for thought.
  8. El Medico

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    So-one of my teachers was disciple in a T'ai Chi line well known in Malaysia for fighting-one day someone asked his teacher (Tok) if a special type diet was good,vegetarian or whatnot. Tok said "No.",then after a moment said "Well,it might help a little-if you're not very good.":D
  9. Hannibal

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    Why would it be? Seriously, why?

    If you are going to say "I heard..." then at least qualify the statement with a reason why

    I heard that the Titanic was showing the silent version of "The Poseidon Adventure" when it went down...doesn't make it true though
  10. m1k3jobs

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    Silly Hannibal, he's talking about Wing Chun. Everyone knows evidence or research isn't necessary for Wing Chun.

    As for the movie with the total surround silence experience. Total silence from 8 massive speakers placed just right to get the best silence experience.

    OP, the best way to improve your goat riding stance is to stand in a goat riding stance.

    Oh yeah, not that any of you slackers have noticed but my age now says 60 not 59. :(
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  11. Hannibal

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    When did that occur??? happy (belated) birthday!!!!!
  12. m1k3jobs

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    Thank you. It just happened today. I am now certifiably old. :)

    Guess its time to give up coaching wrestling and move back to Wing Chun. :)
  13. Mangosteen

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    heck no!!
  14. Wooden Hare

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    Ask yourself how many apex predators are vegetarian.

    Then ask yourself why a vegetable-only diet would be very good for a martial artist.

    I don't mean that vegetarians can't be brawlers or good martial artists, I know some...but the ones that are really have to know what they're doing, and you probably don't.
  15. m1k3jobs

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    Let me see if I can show you the disconnect here.

    Apex predators and Wing Chun.

    Do you know what they call vegetarians in the wild?


    IMO, vegetables aren't food, they are what food eats.
  16. philosoraptor

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    Eating plants is technically a form of predation if you consume the entire plant. :]
  17. Wooden Hare

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    [ame=""]Ron Swanson - The food my food eats - YouTube[/ame]
  18. iaw-maidstone

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    Can't really advise on diet, as mine is probably not as healthy as it could be.

    Regarding the strength aspect, train more Wing Chun, as long as your Sifu is giving you the correct teaching then you should develop all the necessary strength from your training (forms, applications, footwork drills, lat sau, chi sau etc)
    I am 6 foot 5 inches so quite tall and the stance/footwork should be relative to the person, so for example jing sun ma (straight back stance) the feet should be at least a shoulder width apart, so thats your shoulder width not the guy in front, again your Sifu should be able to advise on the correct positioning for your footwork and stances.

    For extra cardio I tend to run/jog
  19. Giovanni

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    how is your diet supposed to be different for wing chun as opposed to normal everyday life?
  20. PointyShinyBurn

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    I suppose if you're into goat milk it's a good chance to collect some while you're riding them around?

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